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stood the test

This week I clicked through to the new website posted by Alison Green as an Archive for the Gathering. http://thegathering.co.nz

Personally I was involved with five out of the six events and all I have to show for it is a couple of Tech Crew T-shirts, a few stickers and a G frisbee. Plus a small and very precious collection of old photos. So the archive is a incredible resources that I already cherish.

It was an exciting experience to scroll through the rapidly growing pages of information that Alison has put togeather. Each picture, each story, each news clipping sparks memories and visions of the intense amount of time many of us spent working on the events.

What is remarkable to me is how strong the work of the Gathering stands, how bold the art work was and how real the hopes and dreams of the party remain. Be nice humans! Despite the financial breakdown of the event the memory that has stood the test of time is one of a radically positive life changing experience.

The Gathering events with all their attributes are such a important moment of history in New Zealand Dance Culture that they should be celebrated. Weather you went to the Gathering or just heard about it on the party line check out the Archives and delve into the story.

Maybe you will recognise some of your past, maybe you will see something of the future? Perhaps it was all just a dream, on hill, in a life much younger than ours. Thanks Alison for all the hard work. Thanks for bringing the memories back to life!