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Bunker Down

Protecting the underground

Join the Resistance

Techno for living, Techno for life

Live DJ

more or less

In Other Words

I got sent a CD.

Dance or Party

vice or versa?

How many tunes

do you know like this?

Speaking Streets

Lets not grey out

Uplifting Anthems

Dancing without reasons..

About Face

Where do you keep credibility?

No Talking

Is this dancefloor edict?

Soul in the machine

How to be set free?

off that beat

and get out of my genre '

Double of half

really really how tech is your step

Head nodder

Attack of the killer plates returns.

Dial up dancing '

How to beat the downgrade..

Vinyl vs Vanity

Does the vinyl make the Dj?

Beat it buddy

turning the tables for love or money '

Cash or Credit?

Is the dance scene really worth it ..

Keep off the cool stuff '

How retro kills everything.

Eat Underground

Where life just tastes better '

More Hardcore

Ravers are never bored

What time is Love?

This is what I want to happen.

pump that beat '

Reassessing paradise.

No more Sin

.. unless we die of decadence.

A going concern

For the love of hero's

Black Future

Waking up from a desperate situation.

Out on time '

back in form ?

Goodbye ' Hello

One more time to the beat.

Behind the support

why the sticks are hitting the drums '

Archive of Dreams

Unfolding the Gathering story.

Freedom Forever

The future of history ..

Is this a real life ..

or is there something about Canaan Downs?

Vibe the original

How much future is there in our past?

Sounds like sound.

Deep into the weekend. Lucked out on fortune the momentum begins to move.

Under Sleep

Waking up after winter ..

Generation Dance

Has anyone read the 'The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test' by Tom Wolfe.

Fast Talk

Two minutes of brain download about dance culture.

Kicking Sugar

Half the hype for twice the fun '

Over fried clubbing

It is clammy hot. No matter where I stand, people bump into me, push me around. Not enough room to dance, music is to loud to talk. PA is too cheap for listening.

Talking to the land ..

Finding our way back to the roots.

The new fixations

Over the same old sound ' how about the big old sound?

The heart of discovery

Connecting a need to dance with a reason to dance.

Play me Aotearoa

Growing up with our music'

Into out there

How faraway is right here?

Into out there

How faraway is right here?

Rock the lifeboat.

Who took the future out of dance music?

Time Stretched

Finding the sweet sounds of continuity.

Deeper Soul

Do you swing on the arc of the sun, into the darkest night?

Stay connected

People in the music move the message

Under the dance

Rewind the repeat, the future is deep in your past.

Space & Sound

Curiosity discovers new magnetic audio devices. Military grade sound systems beaming sound into the party, long distance rave insertion.

Stop the frontier from fading.

To all the 3am people? The run steppers, shiny shoes, beat boys, bob girls, drum motive, dread demons, stormcore, deepset, star hollies, tech goons & halogen angles.

Your eating my turntable!

Fighting for freedom from the future or soma soundtrack to the submissive gen-x?

Do ravers dream of disco sheep .. ?

Its unofficial, but we seem to be still dancing. However recent excursions have lead Obscure to observe a critical new phase in NZ dance culture.

Rebooted for optimum upgrade. Obscure scrubs up nice!

Did you see that? In the space of one mere weekend Obscure gets a spanking new look, fab new feel and a blinding array of new features that are far to extensive to mention here.

Emergency Over

possible culture transfer

Dancing Future

Could this be a community?

Why Techno?

How do you decide the cause . .

Soft Care

Hate me with automation

Sounds Simple

Ethics, money and the business of Love.

Sweat & Hardware

Selection, neglection or disdane?

Eating Genius Music

The hungry hearts of sounds and appeal.

From Africa to New Zealand

Just a little bit of offshore flavour today

Infected with glitch

Do you like the mistakes?

Feeling appropriate

Living on demand and new modes of lifestyle

Mind your own Media

Evolution of the news and views

Messing with Signal

Getting past the hardwire, into the control space.

Edge of Empires

I am learning forever to listen to music.

Middle of the week

Why does this have to feel real.

Direct Communication

Helping to help yourself to help.

Flying In

Lost in the clouds, circling in the sky.

Reasonable Time

Keeping it fresh and full of it '

The Loneliest Sound

There is one person on the dancefloor. There is one dj in the booth.

Old Future

Surviving ahead of time?

Freak Out

stories of lament and abolished fame

Owning your thoughts!

Forgeting the alternatives?

Make Some Noise

How to deal with attention and invasion

Buying petrol suxs!

Fill up your selfishness.

Tag this City.

One version of desperate need

Criminal Evasion

I need to start something, has anyone got a lighter?

Feeding Gently

News from the underground.

Energy Flash

Letters sent home from my past

taking control '

living the reasons

Dancing Cities

Night-lights and the big breeze.

Black Listing

The demise of general standards.

Trading in Colonization

How to upgrade your reality!

Deeper than Drowning

how does your heart sounds?

Bringing the Music

Love and the bastions of hope

Kicking the Habit

Pastimes of a critic killer

Measures of Desparation

Setting the distance between revolution

Stories for Speaking

how to why not ' and other famous moments

New Media

old dogs ..

Finding Fate

and other aspects

No Claims

Bonus Bonus !!

Wearing Pants ..

getting dressed!

Out of town

.. . but not quite

In the shower '

the dreaded wash

Club to party '

whats the mix ?

It's your Birthday

and meat on the bbq

Bigs up ' all about it

This might get personal so don't hold any grudges

Only for the rest

& such a feeling

I need to

Dance the days off '

Then again .

I thought so ..

something to chew on ?

... is your face on a milk carton ?

Watch your feet'

& everyone wants to be an MC! + other tales of glory from the dancefloor.

Weekly Events

Put intro here

Lets get out '

into the wilds .. and out into the world