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Obscure is a 20+ year snapshot of New Zealand Dance Music Culture from the mid '90s...


Pulsate.net ... No, its not the radioactive discount-card website. In fact, its an forward-thinking Auckland cellphone company with the mission of hosting a party in three cities simutaneously.

How glitz is the glamour?

Why is the vibe around 2-step so nouveau riche? The marketing is always about champagne glasses, gold, silk ..

All ' mixes seamless

.. thought I might just mention the Danny Howells (Global Underground) gig i attended at Sandwhiches.

RITJ09 Entrants Selected!

The competitors for the regional heats for the 2009 Jansen Rumble in the Jungle have been announced

Ignorant Society ?

Long time vibration specialist, Peter Fogarty tackles public exclusion & being invisible. Peters words are deft and specific, and never heard enough.

Dj Mark Emerson tears up Queenstown!

Review of Mark Emerson at Surreal Sat 18th Jan! 2003

Round Fight '

the winner from Rumble is:

She'll Be Right Records

News from the label with the worlds largest roster of genuine NZ accented musical artists!

Making it Real Perhaps?

whatever you create should move people, make them think and involve them. Our souls yearn for it, we are always searching.

Krackatoa's New Hikikomori animated Music Vid on TV4 Most Wanted this Sunday

Krackatoa's new "Hikikomori" music video to be aired this Sunday on TV4s Most Wanted 6pm and during the week.

At Leviathan 3

A look around and a poke behind the scene at Christchurches newest tangent of large scale events Leviathan 3.

Sub Dub Culture

Relaxed up' for the Salmonella lads in QT.

Like this Solstice

The place that time changes for you, surrounded by friends & love, and a not quite muddy ground.

Why Paul Oakenfold Sucks

Let's get one thing clear - Oakie himself doesn't suck. In fact, he's rather good, and may even deserve the reputation he has. The Paul Oakenfold gig in Wellington sucks. Read on and I'll explain...

At the Salon

Three of QT's female Dj's are getting their hair straightened !?

Splore Info

Music Line up, Workshops, Kids Zone, Films & Shorts, Art Trail, Performance, VJ's ... so much and so good!!

Chogyam Trungpa

While meditating one evening, the Tibetan-born monk, Chogyam Trungpa, came across the following discussion on the astral plane. It was not the first time that such an experience had presented itself to the monk.

Arrowtown's Turn

The Blue Door and Surreal play host to some house choons!

Backwards and Sideways

I've been in New Zealand for the last two-plus weeks on vacation...

Fat Freddy's Drop 'Hope' Tour UK/Europe 2004

Fat Freddy's Drop global domination mission steps up a level as the Welli bros hit UK/Europe for a Spring/Summer Tour, 'Hope for a Generation'

Valid Criticism?

Chpm cuts a swathe through the waste of space that is the TV idol Palaver.

Kiwis in London

incoming Pitchies ' and more

Andrew Duke's In The Mix show 602

features an exclusive guest DJ mix from Technasia's Charles Siegling (FR/HK/Technasia/Sino), the world premieres of forthcoming material from John Tejada, Le Car, Redshift, and Shawn Rudiman, plus lots of quality electronic music--from house and tech house to techno, electro, and IDM.


:: Over and Out

Official NZ Dance Music Chart

an expression of what's hot in the NZ clubs right now

Pulzar FM, Christchurch

After several month's testing, Christchurch dance station Pulzar FM will launch officially next Monday on 88.3FM.

Paradise Lost

TelstraClear's recent merger has placed the Wellington-based ISP, paradise.net in a dire situation. High numbers of redundancies and relocation to Auckland are highly likely. Learn more at www.youngit.org.nz, where you can also participate in forums and vote in a poll about the matter.


All is well in the land of cherry blossoms. (although they've disappeared and it's getting bloody hot)

In The Mix 603

Andrew Duke's In The Mix show 603 features an exclusive guest DJ mix from San Francisco's DJ Phlid

Some Vinyl going cheap

In the auckland area on saturday,

Bombing Linkage

Alternate sources of info on the WTC Bombing

Jakarta's Clubscene

It's quite funny, peoples perceptions of Jakarta are of this 3rd world hole,
which just isn't the case. Even given it's economic problems, there are a whole lot of very rich people here who love to party.

Trance Energy 2006

Saturday the 12th of Feb was earmarked as a big night for a few of us Kiwis living in London.

EveryDayJunglist -- Beatz, Bass, Bewbz....

Presenting EDJorg Global Breakcentric Music Community!!!!

nye in the highlands

after a lengthly nye train trip from Kings Cross Station...

She's Lost (Various) free compilation

"She's Lost: an underground New Zealand music recovery expedition", a free downloadable virtual compilation, is now available...

Its fantastic stuff...

How deep is the rabbit hole. You want the truth? you can't handle the truth!! Coca-Cola, the CIA, the Mafia and more...

2005 preview

up and coming for 2005

Recloose, awaiting an album.

There is really no certain corner in which to place Matt Chicoine and the music he creates. It would be to simplify if one was saying that the 12-inch releases on Planet E automatically should define what he does in a certain genre, because what so far have found its ways from the initial idea to be pressed into black vinyl is a massive variation of beauty in combination.

Elliot Eastwick returns

The Kiwi-lovin' Paper lads sent another chappie back our way. It was okay

Miami lad lets rip'

Obscure checks it ' as World champion DJ Craze hit the Civic.

Sensation White 2005

Years of planning, months of waiting the 2nd of July had finally arrived. Amsterdam, Holland once again here we come!

Don't let Art hold you back'

Quick and steady into the underground Art scene of Queenstown. Cow Lane Carnival & Simon Deaker

Consciousness about ED drugs

Most of the people are not aware of the consiquences or effects of ED drugs. In this article you will get to know about the ED drugs and there effects and harms caused to human being.

Phobonetika May 2000

Well I just returned from a massive trip around The States, and just to get your envy juices flowing -- I checked out everything from the Empire State Building, The Grand Canyon and Alcatraz to New York and Chicago clubs/raves and even the famous Satelite Records.

Sydney under the Olympics

The Olympics start today: For the past two weeks Sydney has been gripped with Olympic Fever, steadily building up to today's level... There's some kind of tense, crazy energy in the city.

Original Nation

With summer festivals thin on the ground in 2007 the upcoming "I-Nation" has potential as the new Roots party. Obscure catches up with OG (Oakley Grenell) the inspiration behind the concept.

Lambton Zoo

And so I'm turning the corner from Bowen Street into Lambton Quay and its lunchtime on a Tuesday...

Shapeshifter Re: Location Tour - Final Leg

Whilst the red and black clad loyalists were looting and pillaging every beer tap on Courtenay Place (and being generous to buskers), mayhem of the sonic kind was to be inflicted by fellow Christchurchers Shapeshifter.


South Korea takes electronic outdoors !

Gathering 2002: Call for DJs

DJs and live acts are invited to submit a mix showing us their best. This year The Gathering has the following zones calling for submissions: Trance/Techno, House, Drum and Bass/Reggae/Hip Hop, Hardcore, Hard House and Ambient.

Pinacolada Records latest!

Pinacolada Records latest act Pig Out kick of their first tour of 2007 this week.

remix contest.

Cirrus new single "Get Loose" is on the chopping block

Question 4 MPC guru's

Old stager needs h e l p ....

Thisinformation - Solaa debut

Chris Cox and Isaac Aesili (Solaa) are releasing their debut 12" on Pinacolada Records in February...

Pitch Black .. On tour

Bass bins everywhere will be visiting Priests and phoning insurance agents!

Fevah visits Dunedin

A great turnout for the phenomenon known as Fevah at Room 73 on Saturday 13th July. It was all hype as the dj's cranked some wicked tunes.

My My Sound System .the 3rd Resistance

Specs for the My My performance @ Massive Autumn Equinox 07

Dark Forces

The underground came out to play on Saturday night with demons, goblins, fairies and vampires all getting their groove on for the fifth Dark Forces celebration of Halloween.

Report From Surreal and Debajo

About the House music we had a about a month ago here in Queenstown

Shapeshifter Announce National Tour

Following three sell-out tours of New Zealand, Shapeshifter are treating audiences across Aotearoa to a national tour in March.

Splore Galore 2010

As we eagerly crossed off the days counting down to Splore we couldn’t help but let our imaginations get a little carried away....

[obscure] Choose. This Saturday

This weekend, all over NZ it looks like the Mutha of all Weekends...


A monolog on commercialism and the goldfish syndrome.

Shine City

Cold getting busy in the city that shine .. [[/profiles/turnstyle]] runs effect on some of Christchurch styles n' vibe.

Some Serious Ass Shaking at the St James

George FM decided it was time to throw a paaarteee and man did they lay down a good one...

CHCH 'mashes up Queens B'day

Minuit, Dubwize, Stateside, Kaps and Focust in a live sunday session for all us lucky !


Cranking up the Fairshare Unity Sound-System!

Less Is More

Upcoming music event in Auckland and Wellington, featuring Sutekh who is a respected producer in genres such as microhouse/glitch music and experimental sound.

ThiRstY WorK

It was a Thursday night ... & time to rock the Regent '

New Years, New Years

Everyone knows the best way to celebrate New Years in New Zealand is dancing outdoors. With more choices that ever before, event Veteran Simon Kong takes a look into Alpine Unity, Visionz and Stardust.

The Atomic Cafe

Ramblings about a movie you should watch.

Wintermute: ILoveAki

Every ThURsday on London's infamous brick lane, Detroit house, minimal techno and karaoke are in full effect at a uber cafe/bar called 1001.

The High Flying Dutchman is coming

Armin van Buuren is without doubt one of the biggest names in the trance/progressive genres, New Zealand are you ready for 5 hours of trance madness? Pencil in Jan 31st 2004 because AvB is gearing up to rip the Roof off the St James!


Got your ticket . check the playlist '

Tool in Auckland

review: holy cow. it was gooood. maynard's voice is amazing. the drummer is a powerhouse. the guitarist wore a cool hat. incredible, mind-twisting videos played on an enormous screen the entire time...

Nick Gaffery rerturn home

Globetrotting Drummer/Composer Nick Gaffaney returned home last week from four months working and roaming in India.

Something sain for once

'tunstyle makes a mission to insanity and back ..

Thisinformation and Rockwood

Christchurch based house label Pinacolada Records are almost ready to release their two new projects...

Circuit Bending

pulling the back off electronics and performance

The Dance ..

Sometimes you party .. sometimes you just do what you do!

Kaikoura Roots Festival

Tickets... first week of December !!

' totally loved it

Philippa back from Splore!

Bottom End Music's last gig!!!!

A review of the highly successful and extremely pumping last dance party.......

The news on .. James Holden

I managed to track down Mr Holden for a chat. The original bedroom banger who first burst onto the scene in '99, aged only 19...

The House of Downtown Lowdown

It's been all go all summer long for the House of Downtown. We catch up with Christiaan and Emerson and try and keep up.


A new weekly drum n bass night

AnZaC DaYz

On The Beaches they landed, In the trenches they fought, 90 years ago...


A new dance bar and cocktail lounge opening in christchurch

Filta on tour

It's hot in Austin at this time of year. Very hot. In fact, it was still 28 degrees at 1 am this morning... thankfully all the bars and clubs have very
good aircon!

What! not even a thousand???

Jeremy reviews Paul Oakenfold at the Queens Wharf Events Centre - Friday 10 November 2000

The 30,000 People Party!

I knew I was going to be in for the long a haul when it the bus arrived 2 hours late to our London station.

Mitch lets off steam

As for the argument that this war will have good humanitarian consequences...

'Scratch' on his Grammy win

Lee Scratch Perry was ebullient about his Reggae Grammy win last Sunday...

The Long White Cloud Radio Show

Josh Preston and Rire Norman have busy stimulating their minds and racking their brains, and pooling resources to bring a unique and dynamic new sound to Sydney's BondiFM.

Dear Friends, Fanatics, Lovers and Comrades

Today we leave the southern hemisphere to record our sixth album in Vancouver with Garth Richardson.

New music tool win-win technology

A new successfully tested technology is proving to be a valuable tool for struggling New Zealand Musicians wanting to be heard at home and around the world.

Make my Summer!

Hello world Queenstown is Cranking at the moment!!


I was in Brighton recently. Must say damn fine place, and while we were
sitting on the rocky beach (talk about sore ass) contemplating the swim...

Subtronix Radio

Subtronix hits you hard online this week with the debut of the much anticipated Breaks Internet Radio show.

Mr Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson has landed safely and is eagerly anticipating playing in Auckland tonight and Wellington tomorrow.

Massey Student Radio Wellington

Massey University Network Transmissions (M.U.N.T FM) will be hitting Wellington's airwaves on 16th July, and with a minimum 60% NZ Music Quota, we want YOUR music!

Vote Koru !!

A touch of tack for a good cause ?

Hey there...

Obscure is being updated a whole lot now. Daily, usually several
times a day... Click on the title to read more.

Walking into the Sun

mmm well a few days away from the dance floor to recharge the batteries, ya just cant beat going fishing and swimming in the fresh saltwater of the East Coast.

6 days and counting

6 days till the kiwi boys and girls hit the biggest dance party in the world

Leviathan 3

Leviathan 3 is nearly ready to take of in the Christchurch Town Hall on September the 8th and its gonna rock like nothing anyone has seen in

Get your music on TV

I am working for a TV3 show produced by Kahukura Productions called Love Bytes and putting together submissions for the music for the series, due to air on TV3 late this year.

A sad day for Wellington

Flipside Records announce they are closing...

Electronic music artist, Cirrus, teams up with Sony Pictures and ACIDplanet.com for remix contest.

Following the overwhelming response to their last remix contest, electronic music artist Cirrus has teamed up with Sony Pictures and ACIDplanet.com for the latest competition. The new single "Get Loose" is currently on the chopping block at ACIDplanet.com, http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/cirrus2/.

go on yourself

everything that you should know about now

Noise Annoys

Some 20 police and Armourguard officers stormed the Temple, confiscating
band equipment worth well in excess of $10,000 as well as arresting patrons and band members without due cause and assaulting a number of patrons including a female, just before midnight Saturday 9th June.

Echelon video available

This 40 minute long 1999 Australian documentary has never been shown on New Zealand TV, despite having extensive New Zealand content.

DJs, Space Stations and other stuff

The DJ was covered from his neck down behind a screen so that people weren't sure who was up first....

Life harvests life '

Festival adventurer and agent obscure ... Stu gathers his thoughts from the summer and sends home some stories of Splore!

Mixed Up

So, while it was really dance music 101, due to the late time slot, tvnz could've played something a lot edgier and appealing to those really into dance music...

This is a test

Testing Submit Article

Some rare lunacy ...

Total Lunar Eclipse, visible throughout New Zealand.
0102-0249 HRS, MON 17 JULY.

Ape to Angle '

Pitch Black : New Album & Tour

Burning Man 2003

Hmm... Describing Burning Man in words. It's difficult.

Tinrib Digital Is Launched

The Biggest Hard Dance Label In New Zealand History Is Launched!

Moonlighters '

Two kids I rate '

"Scotty on the breakbeats, Justiyc on the microphone"

Big ups to all the Welly drum and bass massive who turned out for Doc Scott. An absolutely epic night for real, perhaps one of our best yet ....

Muffler - Sighco Show + Music Vid

Drum and bass dj and producers new album is out now!

Electronic music artist, Cirrus, teams up with Sony Pictures and ACIDplanet.com for remix contest.

Following the overwhelming response to their last remix contest, electronic music artist Cirrus has teamed up with Sony Pictures and ACIDplanet.com for the latest competition. The new single "Get Loose" is currently on the chopping block at ACIDplanet.com, http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/cirrus2/.

Unravelling The Gathering

Perry Williams goes behind the scenes to discover the magic and mystery that surrounded the event.

Vechie Tribute

DJ Vech (Vernon Wilson) a well known and much loved person passed away on the 10th of July.

The Third Space

Seeking Audio Submissions for Duendin Winter Solstice ... The Sound Between

Who's Running the Show?

"The penis does not obey the order of its master," wrote Leonardo
da Vinci, and must be said to have its own mind."

Record Cutting and Dub Plates (in NZ)

You can get the highest quality records and Dub Plates made in NZ. Quick turnaround and very reasonable price. Contact details included.

Alpine Unity - The facts !!!!!

Hold on to your ticket & your hat because the show must (and will) go on!

InFusion, Liiiiiive

Well they came, they played, they kicked arse, they were InFusion, they were live and from 'Aussie'.....

Make mine a 'hangfree sunday

A crew from Philly get orgainsed on your ass with some sunday 'hangfree time.

Light is Local.

Somethings you never notice, some people you never meet. These people notice things and maybe you should meet them, sometime.

Pinacolada Records return!

Christchurch based label Pinacolada Records have returned with a bang by releasing Pig Out's debut album 'Club Poems'

Super Duo ....

It appears a certain "double act" is about to give 'some' a run for their money ...

Drum and Bass in New Zealand

Kirsten asked: I would really love it if you could give me some info on where drum'n'bass originated in NZ and who introduced on to our shores?

Any ideas? Let us know and we'll put the answers together in the archive.

Gathering tickets on sale

We're pleased to announce tickets are now on sale for G2: The Gathering 2002 via their online booking. Tickets are $130 until the 1st of October, increasing to $160 thereafter.

He who speaks in rhythms.

Last time I saw Derrick May play, I fell asleep. (1996, St John Ambulance Building, WGT) Inside my lucid dream state the 60k of pulsing sound fractured like slow moving layers of cosmic architecture.

Analog set times

i got dem right here!

New Pinacolada Release

Headspace and Fanatica cut the wax'

Carbon goes ' BLIM

.. tickets to be won '

Experiencing the NZ psytrance scene.

A french raver bringing discovery and exchange.

I Love Techno!

Our mission, if we chose to accept it, was to do a techno-fuelled weekend, Europe-style - in Rotterdam... see the photo gallery for her pics

Cultural Trash

The New Zealand Dance scene is evolving, where has it been and what happened as a result. Where could it be heading, why would it head in that direction.


created as an opportunity to celebrate and promote his involvement with the New Zealand dance scene. and as a 'good bye' event with all his friends!

Ignite 03

News from the Ignite 03 gig held at the Auckland town Hall and Aotea Centre

Musically Dope :: Review

Urban Notion ripped up the place this valentines with a two-club extravaganza !!

Setting the Scene

An Exploratory Study of the New Zealand Electronic/ Dance Music Community.

Sonar 2002

A far-far-far-too-long account of this year's Sonar festival in Barcelona...

Talk to T-Power

If you had told me in 1997 while I was listening to "Mutant Jazz" that ten years later I would be interviewing him the week before his debut performance in Wellington, I would have told you to shut the fuck up.


Earthcore is a huge outdoor festival held in forest environments around Victoria, Australia.

Unpaid workers at destination

It seems destination is in the habit of only paying a precentage of artists/workers.


Does the man ever stop playing?!

Defender details

Designed and programmed by Eugene Jarvis, Larry DeMar, Sam Dicker, and Paul Dussault


Well I find it a little funny that people are bagging to Alpine thing.

Breakz of Dawn is canceled and why...

This is to help spread the word about what happened to this event and why it won't be on.

Someday on Sunday

I have this habit of enjoying playing records outdoors in public places.

Rumble In The Jungle 2005

In its 4th year, the time has come to find a new champion - Will it be you?

Vote Wellington

Wow. finally Wellington music gets a look in at the annual b-net music awards.

The Raised Hell ...

Someone asked if psurkit was up and running - so I thought I'd get the ball rolling with my acccount of Saturday's Dark Forces ...

WOMAD 2008

.. the venue as always was spectacular as was the host city and it’s inhabitants.

Soundscapes in musical ..

Pacific Heights extraordinaire & the Urban Notion crew celebrating Aotearoa drum&bass'

Take that aussie..

and you thought 331 was enough

Tiesto in Concert

a wicked 3d mindblowing experience....

30,000 up for it ravers.... words and pictures coming soon!

Andrew Duke's In The Mix show 601

Features an exclusive live PA from California's
Kid 606 (Tigerbeat 6), the world premieres of
forthcoming material from All The Pretty Things,
Andrew Thomas, Signer, and Cozmic Jazzz
Futurist, unreleased material from Ewan Jansen,
and more

Massive Culture

This Documentary has captured aspects ranging from the behind the scenes inner-workings production of the Gathering

Metrobeatz - Auckland

It was a tough job bringing the dnb heads out on a rainy Auckland night, but the boys behind Metrobeatz sure made a damn good effort.

Halogen Girl

Emma's outrageous adventures

Minuit on line

and other stories .

Empathy Recordings - Skydive [EMPD020]

Raised by wolves in the depths of English woodland, Breakspear soon came to love the natural rhythms of the forest.

What happened to Fridged ?

Sydneys longest electronica weekly, loses its venue

MPC Battle at the Matterhorn, Anzac Day

The inaugural MPC Battle at the Matterhorn on Anzac Day 2001 saw ten challengers busting grooves out for the title.

Reinvention the Wheel

Is going backward in reality moving forward

Papa Washington Trio

Venturing to New Zealand for a live laptop and percussion debut.

Organization of influence

owning space ' reinstating collective value: finding focal points of distributed energy: spatial connection of interacting systems

De La Soul

While other Hip Hop acts have come and gone, De La just seems to keep getting better...

Ignite 03

News from the Ignite 03 gig held at the Auckland town Hall and Aotea Centre

New Fears

The demise of electronic culture '


Stencil / Screen-print Artist and Graphic Designer

Roots Foundation Sound System

Maximum rrrrrrrespect to the Roots Foundation, Aotearoa's longest running sound system, Djs Mu, Lemon, Koa & Goosebump on their 2001 - A Bass Odyssey NZ tour

the .3rd Resistance

A deep immersion team of rave tested operatives /./ we are deep in your future!

My Last Weekend in QT

Well Well Well being it my last weekend in Queenstown I can fairly say it was a good one.

Mono Raver

& the 10 commandment of Techno

Phobonetika - Midwinter madness

Now that we've recently endured the longest night, we can look forward to brighter, warmer days ... but after having lived here for almost two decades, I realise the only way to get real warm in July is to get cosy at a dance event (or some place else) ...

The G

The dust hasn't quite settled (hey it was dust, not mud this time) on The Gathering this year... a couple of dozen hardy types are still onsite cleaning up the mess


Culled from the depths of a psecret mailing list, we go dimmer, film festival and a coupla links to perv at.

Around the House

Smiles were plentiful at Studionine on Saturday night. Those that braved the rough weather were warmed up inside by JP Flex's beats, compelled to get the heart pumping.

Solstice is just

around the corner, and it's all coming together nicely.


.. a look into the problems facing the American administration in relation to Iran.

Wassup from Singapore

Went down to Zouk about 11pm, Oh Mi Gosh!!! what can I say, it's the most fantastic club space I have ever seen in my life. Sprawling across 3 warehouse spaces, it is an endless maze of bars, clubs and dancefloors.

Plush Bomb

Look out Wellington it's the Plush Bomb... Thank God it's Friday! Prepare yourselves for an explosive night of live music, film and dancing in the surrounds of the plushest venues in the Capital.


And now seems like a good enough time to do a night where I get to play some seriously demented old house, techno and other bits out at full volume on a weeknight.

Nick Warren GU World Tour

Nick Warren Hits New Zealand with the GU boys for the cd release party at the Civic.


We have the task of pulling things into place and polishing them into shape before the Gatherers arrive...

That time of the month again ...

Well its another brilliant summer's day in the middle of winter, and I just got back from DJing up at Vic for the past three hours, so I'm gonna blast thru this and get back outside :)

Summerset goes wild

Flappers and gents resplendent in Oriental make up, fruity flowers and oriental brollies

Fun Poison : Karnage

Fun Poison : Karnage - 17 June 2000, Wellington, NZ. Featuring dj Sueme (Subhead-2CB-.com-Tresor) Japan direct.

Kiwi Seoul

Figured I'd letcha all know what's a happening in this life in Seoul.

Lisa Lashes returns to NZ for one night only!

She savagely whipped Auckland in to a frenzy back in January, now Lisa Lashes is back for more!

Nucleus Kernel for FAT & NTFS data recovery software

Nucleus Technologies.com offers a complete range of data recovery software and utilities for various Platforms including Windows operating system and supports various file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, The Hard Drive Data Recovery Software offered by Nucleus Technologies ensures safe and precise data recovery against numerous threats like accidental file deletion and disk formatting.

Meat Katie Oh Yes

I lost my phone in Singapore but it was totally worth it...

Sploring it

Making my way out through the windy roads of Tuakau and Mangatawhiri then on to the sunny coastal highway the words "Outdoor Event" keep circling in my head.

Letter from The Gathering

It is with the greatest regret that I inform you that on the 16th July 'The Gathering Company Ltd' was placed into voluntary liquidation due to its inability to trade as it is unable to pay it's creditors.

Fascists aren't people

Another day at the office, or is it?

Welcome to Wonderland Web Site Released

the anticipated feature film that enters the heart of Australia's outdoor dance phenomenon '


Wiki for unconventional computer and electronic artists.

Dream recall time again

I'm trying to read the print, but it's doing that dream thing of constantly rearranging every time I try to concentrate on it.

Head in the clouds

the emotional state of dance music

PsyTrance hell in Golden bay: Visionz

General "gonzo" reporting from the thick of it meets apocalpse now as seen through the eyes of "the crazy lighting guy", is that guy on drugs? No just VERY strong coffee...

Psecret Caffine Life

How many committed caffeine fiends out there?

Don't stop Dancing

A well established phenomenon in the NZ countryside. These festival
fixtures of assembled freaks and the curious. These sound systems,
food vendors, marquees, generators and the portaloo.

Metamorphose 2001

Venue: Nihon Land How Yuenchi, amusement park located at the bottom of Mt.
Fuji. Foreign djs who have been confirmed for the dance stage are Derrick May, Cari Lekebush, Subhead and more...

In Light

The 'war' suddenly revealed to millions of shocked white people all round the world is an ideological one that has simmered for hundreds of years.

Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire

Martyn Pepperell talks to Freddie Cruger....

Oh yeaaa

We are back

Back to Heaven

A brick of subs under the booth. New hue and glossy floors. A happy nightclub owner. Happy staff! And then comfortable couch - just right.

Brazilian Petrol

So I travel, faster, moving past the queasy memories, racing towards better destinations. I snap photographs, one handed out the dirty windows.

Free Music Videos

WarpRecords.com shows that artists do appreciate their talent residing online. Check it out for music videos by Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Autechre and the like ...

909 Revolution

I have been challenging people recently to name me one NZ Dj who would get them up off the couch instantly. Some old school rockers are getting more mileage from your Aunties than a four to the floor to BZP.

Psurkit.net on the Box!

TV One investigates our latest project!

.. a Movie Korea ?

Obscure's Far-East Agent .. dials in with some action !

Trinity Roots at Subnine

These boys have become so popular, tickets to the Friday night gig were sold out well in advance, compelling them to perform again the following night.

News on the new 'Alpine'

Alpine (ex Alpine Unity) NYE festival go ahead 100% certain

Face-Lift Without Surgery?

How facial exercises can turn back the clock. Anti-aging exercises.


Working with Greenpeace, we've launched a global internet campaign to
put some heat on Coca-Cola, one of the world's worst commercial HFC
global warming polluters

Oh Please

In other news

Club Exotique

An exotic ultra world class exhibit of Wellington and the World's finest talents encased in luxury and levity... Featuring Derrick May (Detroit), Epsilon Blue (live) Ebb (Live) DJs: The Roots Foundation Sound System, Cian, Cuff and Submariner.

Dj Watcha

Watcha started DJing in South Africa back in 1993.

Common Factor Netcast

Common Factor plays a DJ set on http://www.betalounge.com/ at 4pm NZ time today, a sneak preview of what is to come, as part of the Planet E tour, and The Wellington International Jazz Festival!!

Doc Scott “The End of The Beginning”

The original “King of the Rollers”, it can be argued that Doc Scott is one of the true legends of jungle drum and bass music. From Reinforced to Metalheadz and finally his own label 31 Records.

Heavy-handed policing

GATT Watchdog is pleased that the Justice and Electoral Select Committee inquiry has strongly criticised the police handling of protests during the September 1999 state visit of Jiang Zemin. But the group, which was involved in an education and ...

Rockwood AKA Rockwood

'Trippers Guide To House' came about after a near death experience.

So, how do we get the password for the story

So, how do we get the password for the story on www.fatfreddysdrop.com?

Not in paradise.

The Smooth Green one is stranded and won't be making it to NZ

In Search of Sunshine

A trip was to be taken, the final destination .. somewhere with sun of course!

Rumble in the Jungle 2009 Entries open!

Enter now for New Zealands national Drum and Bass DJing competition

Full Package

The Package will be publishing in full color shortly...

Not Chinese

Psecret gets a summary history on the KLF ..

disco is for wimps'

.. long ago before the crime of sampling and being a human duke box !

Beat Up Netcast

Delivered via Psurkit.net - Sound Bites, rough questions & microphone bollacks.

South Island DMC finals

With three entrants dropping out and a higher than expected calibre of tricksters involved, this competition was a short but sweet affair.

Monkey See Monkey Do

A remarkable Australia Day 2003, thousands of Australians out on the street and parks being proud to be Australians...

Misda Nil

Works and words from the infamous Mr Nil

Splore ' via Obscure

.. . shiny happy people, toilets, awesome Splore crew, Fire Truck transporter, scenery, art installations, light suit madness, vege wraps at Bountiful Earth, Hungarian fried bread, Butterfly Zoo

Out of the Loop

The folding of Wellington magazine Loop this week is a 'travesty' says the chief executive of Saatchi and Saatchi Worldwide.

Weekend Wicked in Wellington

A Sample Gee and Dj Sakin (Germany) special was on the cards and well the Capital really did turn it on... visuals, tunes, people, music, hooray for Trance!

Mad Professor - Declaration of War

If like myself you were one of the last persons on earth to have heard about the events that shook the world and flatten the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001, then you must have thought it's all a dream.

Festival Sells Fast

Roots in Kaikoura .. tickets are popular'

Pioneer DVJ-X1

DJ/VJ crew Jigsaw ' demo @ Music Expo

Essential Festival - Brighton

Just outside of Brighton at Stanmer Park and had LOTS of dj's from allsorts of genres and various other entertainment things...

The Last Chopper Out Of Saigon

Martyn Pepperell talks to Bryce from Sandwiches about whats been, whats comming and their emminent 4th Birthday Celebrations!

DJ Cardiac Looking for people to collaborate with.

Hi, I'm a DJ/Producer from London UK working in Palmerston North for a year. I'm looking for people to work with on electronically-influenced music.

Jeff Mills

I'd been waiting 6 years for someone to get their act together and bring Mills to our town and on this night my dream came true.

DJ Bailey + MC Tali

"It's my first time in Wellington and I can't believe I've never played here, I'll definitely be back, without a doubt."


Are we smashing it yet?

Fevah NZ Release their first CD

This week, FEVAH NZ will release their first CD. Fittingly, the double CD brings together two key DJs driving the Fevah sound, one from where the Fevah story started (Ian M) and one from wherewhere many of the Fevah core nucleus call home (Blair Hawker).

Profile: DJ Snitch

A guy filled with views on music, who's been around the electronica block for a while, Mitchell Hall (aka Dj Snitch) still has many mountains to conquer within the music industry.

Working as a Doctor in the UK

Doctor Jobs UK Doctor Locum Agencies Uk Doctor Agency. Doctor jobs in UK can be reached through placement agencies and their web sites.

old folks you think?

went to one of the Straitjacket Fits reunion tour gigs?

Berlin is dancing '

now that i have found my feet

Inspired Songwriting Tips

One of the things you require to do is generate a part that
compliments your original idea such as adding a melody to
a chord progression or adding up a chord progression to a

Summer job ..

Want to be involved in the Vision Festival?

Out in one '

Phat big zone' in the scenic native bush ...

Carl Craig

Clinton Smiley interviews the legendary Carl Craig.

Filthy NZ Government

The NZ Govt is working on passing laws to enable it to intercept your messages require you to hand over keys to any encrypted data...

Lee Scratch Perry - Heavy Legacy

Reggae pioneer and self styled madman Lee 'Scratch' Perry recently gave Adam Bennett a piece of his strange but entertaining mind.


Scary blackmail stuff featuring archive pix of Wellington pseudocelebs...

The Mad Professor - Interviewed!

Neil Fraser, a.k.a. UK dub producer the Mad Professor, can't wait for audio technology to catch up with the sounds he can hear inside his head.

Goldie and MC Lowqui @ The Ministry - Reviewed

Goldie and MC Lowqui ripped the house down on the 3rd of September at the Ministry...

The Black Seeds at Jetset Lounge

The seeds blew the funk out of the jetsetters Saturday night, with a set soaked in fresh tunes.

Black Gold

2 on the board

Eudaemony Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice = the longest night. Dunedin. Bring warmth.

One World One Love Parade

A piece on universal friendship, through the spiritual medium of music and dance, as was witnessed among the mass in Berlin last year. Covering the parade itself and a couple of the bigger parties.

DNA sequences as MP3s

If you copyright a song that means no-one can copy it (?)

Lack of Vision...

Vision is blatantly trying to cash in on the G's years of blood sweat and tears under the guise of a community event. Tickets are not yet on sale and the organisers have zero experience in what they are doing.

Mike Smith

for all the light : for all the love

Postcards from Fiji

islands in the sky, islands in the sun. Fiji is a state of mind. A concept in mental placement. Turnstyle drifts through some Obscure holiday thoughts.

Subhead Interview

Understanding Terrifying Science Through Humour... A great interview with the nice chaps from Subhead Records. republished here with kind permission from UK based Overload Magazine.

Unknown Wellington DJ

An unknown Wellington Dj was recently snapped at a local club...

King Kapisi on Tour

In the future when we tell our grand kids about the never-ending story of the rise and triumph of Aotearoan hip hop, one of the first names we will recite is Bill Urale, Kapisi, Kaps the royal one.

Back in the Deep End

Creating new potential and culture through Audio & Art. Can experimental audio subvert the dance party scene and extend the possiblites.

Roland Interview

Tha Man From De Haag Spills the beans..

The Cybotron Lounge

Damn, what a nite! The first S-ENCE affair last Thursday was the shit. Reflecting on The Cybotron Lounge, I began to fully dig the "new club paradigm" which S-ENCE promoted and delivered -> in fine style.

The Big Arts Experience

Community education courses in arts and creativity at CPIT in December

TrinityRoots - A True Story

TrinityRoots present their debut album this May, TRUE!
After nine months in the making, TrinityRoots have found the voice and vibe of their debut album True. What started as an optimistic three-week session in Central Hawkes Bay ended as an education in trying to embody the live nature and spirit of TrinityRoots as a recorded sound.

Ignite 03, all things Music Review

News and Views from Ignite 03 at the Aotea Centre , Auckland City


In Belgium.. then you better get on here and check this out little site


I head off for deepest darkest Hampshire for give described with all
sorts of hyperbole on the oh so pretty flyer.

Show n'tell

.. . who knows what ya got '

Manitoba at the new bodega

Until recently, no-one knew who the hell Dan Snaith was. But his debut album as Manitoba, 'Start Breaking My Heart', changed all that with a motherlode of critical bon mots and performances at The Big Chill, an Xposure Live gig for John Kennedy's Xfm show and DJ Luv from the mighty LTJ Bukem, Ross Allen, Andy Weatherall, Gilles Peterson, DJ Food to Pete Lawrence, plus the maximum capacity, double headline gig with Four Tet at London's 93 Feet East in August. Along with Susumu Yokota, Manitoba is The Leaf Label's biggest success story.

General House Duties

Getting into town, getting down to the Concrete Club in Christchurch. Checking out the sounds of Shannon Aston with the voice of Celine.

Monolake - redifining 'live'

Monolake is one of the original pioneers of the Berlin minimal techno scene

Big Bad Bass Tour

With more than six hundred tickets sold to the show, it was obvious the Wellington massive were coming out in numbers for a huge night with a pair of drum n bass legends.

parties I was at

just a few bashment shots as a taster - enjoy!

Bye Bye Napster?

"Brilliant lawsuit. Just what we need to stop the music industry from being ripped off. Every artist and retailer out there potentially has something to lose if Napster gets it's way." Uhh... Not...

No Dudes Preferred

Dj Filter & Mike Angelo .. get southern with a little Tech House

ChCh - 'Rock' vs 'Rocks'

Word on the street says it was a tearing set by Total Science '

Ke 06: Evolution

August 5th saw the Zouk club in Singapore play host to a line up featuring DJ's and Producers from Hong Kong, France and New Zealand alongside some of Singapore's finest.

Street Art courses 'summer in ChCh

CPIT 'courses in turntablism, graffiti art, event management, breakdancing, music industry etc etc


designer graphic

Carl Craig recognized by Detroit Mayor

On Monday 28th May 2001, as the second Detroit Electronic Music Festival was coming to a close, just before Inner City performed on the Main Stage.

Gather Round

A sexy music documentary about The Gathering - a 3 day dance party held over New Year. Comedian, Radar investigates hardcore, wallows in tribal mud, eats Jesus food and insults the world's No. 1 DJ.

Salmonella Dub at Starlight

Queues were backed up half a block to Vivian Street. The gig for Saturday night was sold out well in advance, but organisers managed to pack in hundreds keen to see the Salmonella Dub boys at the Starlight Ballroom

Hardcore's last will Discovered

This is hardcore's last will and testament, recently discovered by DJ Hixxy down the back of a speaker left ten years ago in Sussex.

Lip-flipping mic-ripping flick at fest

Mark Cubey reviews upcoming Festival film, Breath Control: the History of the Human Beat Box.


Ddog & Myself (Assisted by Kava & Rose) thought it best to see exactly what happens in the land of Boganity nowadays.

Black Grass

UK Hip-Hop Soul Master speaks during his recent trip to New Zealand

Sun Valley is cranking!

Sun Valley Sound Vol.2 has been nominated for the Best Compilation
award at this years B-Net awards.

De La Soul 2009


Round, Straight on, no no Left i said!!

visting european cities is interesting, but not easy

Rumble in the Jungle

Hip Hop has the DMCs, soap operas have the day time Emmys and New Zealand Drum and Bass has Rumble in the Jungle.

Golden Scribe

"Not Many/Stand Up" has sales of


.. you could be missing out on $$$.

Pinacolada releases scheduled!

Christchurch based house label Pinacolada Records have two new releases scheduled to follow on from the success of their debut 12

What are the Police doing?

When is the govt going to clamp down of those that spread this evil, how
many more need to suffer ...

Slo Fo - Jimmy Future

Mike, keep the stories coming. Dribble or no, they are funny in places and do liven up our drab existence(s)

The Rock Gig!

...scratching out these words, I'm forced to wonder what the hell did I expect.?!

Interview with Dj Cuz

Interview with Queenstown Housemonger, DJ Cuz!

Charity gig for legendary Auckland DJ with cancer

Sufferahs Choice at Galatos: All proceeds go to help DJ Big Matt in his battle with cancer.

CONTROL. Watch this film.

The life and death of Ian Curtis...


A fusion of art and music in a club environment, Tank is carrying plenty of heavy artillery and plans to make a big impact on Auckland.

Molotov coctails two steps at a time...

Tales from the Dell-side. Our Obscure agent in Spain.

Roads Through Cashel Mall

Council is acting in the interests of retailers .. but retailers "don't want roads"

Music Law

This free service is open to Musicians and/or those in the Music Industry nationwide who require legal advice.

I Love Techno 2002

12 hours of 100% techno at the Flanders Expo Centre, Gent, Belgium
Saturday 9 November 2002


Whats up with all our hip NZ artist supporting Telecom?

Nick Spice

With three record labels and a passport that reads like a travel brochure...

Desperate House DJs to rock the Rumpus Room

S-ence regrets to announce that due to events outside it's control, Stacey Pullen will not be featuring at tonight's Desperate House DJs event.

Tom Middleton

The big man tells it how it is during a recent New Zealand Visit!

Filthy Forum - Always Fresh

Having formed just over two years ago, the group of musicians that make up Filthy Forum are still growing, but these boys already have their legs firmly planted on the ground and aren't afraid to have a bit of fun along the way.

Whose scene is it anyway?

What is the value of a culture, or scene? Who does it belong to? Can it belong to someone? Is there any reason to be concerned?

Sacred Hill Festival 19th Feb 2011

...perfect package of Aotearoa’s musical repertoire

King of the Dubs !

Watch out bass lovers Tiki is out on his own working up the place '

Soka Loka Moki presents

Billy Ray Cyrus and whanau are hosting a house party in picturesque Dalston, East London on 1/4/00... We would love to see any ex welly types currently over this way at our pad...

We Love the weekends!!!

Matterhorn updates for the end of July, including their Four Birthday...

Valid Criticism?

Chpm cuts a swathe through NZ's pathetic pool of mini-celebrity, not...

Mike King

Off to Melbourne: Yeah big ups the one like Mike, he has been my main man for about 3 years now...

Forward Control

A compare of the top battle mixers available with some of the pros and cons of thier practical use.

Ladi6 - Presented by Urban Notion

"Her words were hard hitting but feminine; in-your-face yet insightful" - Sat 24th July @ Heaven

Tips '

There are many choices but it is yours.