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At the Salon

Three of QT's female Dj's are getting their hair straightened !?

13 Oct 2003

This is no coincidence, but rather a special session for GODESS (the Girls on Decks, Essential Sound Seduction!) A gig designed up by the girls themselves.

I thought this an opportunity not to be missed and perhaps the perfect chance to investigate the status quo of the female 'disc jockey'

So three girls, three styles, and a center part each:

My plan was simple. I had one question to ask the Djs and punters alike: Why should girl's Dj?

One female punter who I questioned, was ready to step me out; nearly all the boys I asked thought it was a trick question, but the resounding reply all round was, Why shouldn't they!!

Still the question opened many opinions, as there are obviously many more male Dj's than females, and very few major female Dj names that instantly jump to mind.

Alisa () works professionally in radio and has been a catwalk model in her time. She talked about being slightly skeptical of 'nice set' compliments from boys. Stating girls being appreciated as Dj's is a different challenge. As one guy put it, they should Dj cause they look great!

The male trap of associating beauty as the measure of girl talent, hangs around creepily during some of my conversations. This could be a nerdish hangover from guy's lack of language to describe or even understand girls, but it is a slippery slope which some girls would much rather not pit their skills against.

Still putting aside the aesthetic of sexuality: because realistically it's a blow for blow commentary, the other resounding theme of discussion was motivations!

Boys and girls alike, associated female Dj's with a sense of integrity.

It appears if a girl is going to make an effort to do something they are going to do it right. Male Dj's were commonly identified as being motivated by fame and the possibility of getting laid. Where as female Dj's were commonly associated to their passion for the music and the dancefloor.

Michele (/profiles/d_jade) talked about very early aspiration to do what the boys were doing. She got involved with music in high school, but finally caught the Dj buzz when out on 'injury time' and mucking around on her boyfriends gear.

Others commented that girls don't tend to have frivolous time to waste learning their way around a turntable and mixer. Suggesting they were to busy cleaning perhaps !

This does bring to bear that boys do a have a much greater capacity for mindless activity, and learning to mix with confidence does require a fair amount of this.

Also as in any male dominated activity, the rights of passage are shrouded in competition. I know that my Dj learning with friends always involved going one better in the mix. The girls talked about this aspect with amusement, but expressed some confusion, finding it irrelevant, obviously.
Siobhan (Shivers) has worked for major record labels and been a collector of music for years. She talked about music being a passion and Dj'ing as a vehicle for expression. But there was also the 'technical' apprehension about performing which is a common feeling among female Dj's.

It's a point I have discussed with girls in the past, and it seems to be more about desire for excellence rather than a lack of skills. Boys tend to have an overwhelming sense of belief in their abilities (thanks testosterone), while girls who are very conscious of presentation can also come under much higher scrutiny with their performance.

From experience most male Dj's think they understand more than they do about the technology. The girls I've observed tend to be a lot more conservative about their knowledge and ultimately learn quicker and operate with more finesse.

So I as far as I can figure the awareness of Dj'ing for girls is positively different from the boys. They are seeking their own outcomes, they have their own perception of the dancefloor, and they know why they are there.

It does seem that they boys are a bit defensive, obviously well aware of what the girls are capable of. By all accounts, girls are identified for 'naturally' having the essential skills for good Dj'ing.

So despite all the best efforts of the boys to hold the cards, girls are getting in there, doing it and doing it with style.

So why should girls Dj? ... cause they can, of course!

And it's a perfect excuse to go to the Salon!

* Special Thanks to Holly @ Collective Hairdressers
* and the Subculture Crew for making it nice'

check out more photos !

Simon Kong