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00> RALPH'E'

Produces everything from Industrial, Rock, House, Jazz, Breakbeat, Trance, Drum&Bass and Hardhouse! "Music on the Edge" calls him "a very versatile attribute in music that is not found very often"...

00> RALPH'E'

Produces everything from Industrial, Rock, House, Jazz, Breakbeat, Trance, Drum&Bass and Hardhouse! "Music on the Edge" calls him "a very versatile attribute in music that is not found very often"...

100%desi team

Bringing bhangra music to NZ


4music.co.nz for music in New Zealand. Download and listen to MP3's, upload your own music online, read the CD reviews, etc. Artists include Jean-14, SFK, Dealers Choice (from Paperecordings, UK), Daavid & Mantis (Canada), Acousticah, and many more.


Jeremy "50Hz" Geor is one of New Zealand's most experienced electronic music producers, with well over a decade's professional audio engineering experience under his belt.

A-List Records

Music to your ears

Aerial Piracy

Get out and go underground.

Al Manning - (Guna)

DJ and Producer from Northern Ireland currently based in New Zealand.


Wellington's undisputed trance therapist and House pimp....pump up gears mutha*#!&...pump up gears.


Andy's introduction to dance music began in early 1994 with the infamous 'Eden' rave events such as 'the gate' with early guest visits from djs/acts such as Thomas Heckman.

Bangers & Mash

Serving up the fattest Mash-ups



Bass Adix

Bass Adix

Bass Frontiers

As Wellington's leading dnb posse, Bass Frontiers have been bringing the sounds of DnB to the Welly massive for a good 3 years now.


Bassdrop.co.nz is New Zealands largest DnB Website


After 2 years living in London (Brixton) during the early 1990's promoting UK based reggae artists, soundsystems & djs, I made the decision to return home to Aotearoa in 1995 and start a company marketing, promoting and touring (predominantly) reggae and dub music.


Beatnick is a downbeat/trip hop producer from Auckland, New Zealand.

Bench Music

International Promotion / Management Services

Benny Tones

In this day and age it is becoming more and more uncommon to find an individual who is truly able to express their innermost feelings and emotions through their art form of choice.

Black Seeds

Formed in 1998, The Black Seeds quickly developed a reputation as the capital's ultimate good groove band, setting local joints jumping with their irie grooves and smooth skanking moves.

BrazilBeat Sound System

MC style and riveting performances on varied percussion instruments alongside world music without boundaries: funky house, deep spiritual grooves, dub and drum'n bass.

Breakz Inc. Crew

Always notorious and Dj'ing all over


Wellington's illest record label, specialising in releasing anything we take a liking to, home of the earwork and capitalbase compilations.


the newest edition to christchurchs bar and club scene


Carbon - where its about the music

Carl Reynolds

"getting down to dance music is simple, it comes from inside .."


Drum 'n' Bass


When you need it rich and deep. When music has to reach your soul, when the rhythm is not enough to move your feet.


Chilled back ambient , Jungle , mix


DJ, Producer and owner of techno/trance label Tmet Recordings, Chelfyn hails from the UK but moved to NZ to live with his wife and partner-in-crime MsB in september 2001.

Circadian Rhythms

Promoters for Auckland's gothic/industrial community.

Clinton Smiley

The Grand daddy of Wellington City DJs

Club Stylus

Hastings is soon to have it's very own dance venue (bout time too) in the form of "Stylus". Opening date is set for 7th Dec.

Company Wrekt Cru

Co.wrekt - Djs Dose / Sircut & Mc D-rex - was stared in july of 2002 , co.wrekt standing for company wrekt or co. for short.

Cosmic Conspiracy Records

Cosmic Conspiracy records was formed in New Zealand in 2003, with the idea being to create a label for some of the newer and more experimental styles of psygressive and progadelic works surfacing throughout the world of psytrance.

Crucial Records

Introducing Aotearoa's latest Dance Music Retailer, set to supply the finest cuts from around the world


Too much nrg...

D Jade

Short Profile on D Jade aka Mich From Queenstown

Da Mix Plate

Da Mix Plate - Saturdays 5-7 on MuntFM 88.5 in Wellington

Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan is a D.j, producer, and a promotor...


A Dj who owns his own gold plated zimmer Frame and is also known for liking a good Tequila!!


DATA:BASS NETWORK is the Auckland (NZ) based collective of DJs, producers, performers and visual artists providing an independent alternative for Drum'n Bass and Electronica in the region.


Drum 'n' Bass Addicts

Dc Courtney

With the experience from London's underground house scene, you can be assured each showcase of vinyl is a world-class journey into the various textures of house.


With 5 years active involvement within the Wellington dance scene, you may ask what is wrong with this guy?

de la Haye

Brisbane's leading lady of Drum & Bass. New Zealand born and raised Kim de la Haye aka DJ de la Haye is one of the most hardworking and energetic members of the Brisbane Drum & Bass scene.


.. sunken off the egde of Cow Lane ' the home of house in Queenstown


From the notorious streets of [[South Auckland]], the number one Independent Hip Hop Company in New Zealand, Dawn Raid Entertainment presents the Deceptikonz.

Deejay Exile

Hailing from Ngati Porou, Gisborne. Deejay Exile has grown up in Auckland with his Nuiean side of the family from Alofi & Tuapa Niue in a musical family background...


Comming from a background of "the warehouse rave days" growing up on a healthy diet of Techno, HardCore, Drum'nBass, Jungle, HipHop, Reggae, Soul, Dub, Two Step, Breakz


Detreux is a collective platform of visual art (graphic design, photography, mixed media collage, painting, etc.) from Detroiter Chrissie Clees.


Hawkes Bay's finest dance music club by a country mile!

Dj Astral

Dj Astral the rising star of the Progressive scene in Auckland

Dj Astral

Dj Astral the rising star of the Progressive scene in Auckland

DJ Bubbles

Voted Wellingtons Best House DJ 2003

Dj Conspiracy

My motto for the next couple of days: The good rhythms are the rhythms with soul: the right rhythms talk to your body but they also describe something more than we can see, hear or feel...

Dj Dawnbeaver

Psytrance dj from Takaka...

DJ Definite

Beat maker and half of Definite & Bling

DJ Forge

He's one of Indigo's resident DJ's , spins discs regularly on Radio Active, organises The Drill - a goth/industrial music event, and has plans to start his own record store. Meet Shane Hickmore, a.k.a DJ Forge.


Maia is co-founder of the Luminate festival and Native Harmonics Records (NZ), is a popular and well known Tribal, Psytrance and Chill Out DJ in New Zealand, label DJ for Organic Records (UK) and enthusiast for sustainable living.

Dj Presha

DJ Presha has been a major player in the New Zealand Drum & Bass scene for the past six years.

Dj Puppy

Wellington DJ and producer, currently jet-setting round the globe...

Dj R-type

A 16 year old Wellington DJ and Producer focusing on pushing trance music out to the mainstream in today's youth generation.

Dj R. Araujo

Undrground Techno Dj from Brazil. Owner of the label BR909 Records.

Dj Snitch

Contributing writer for Remix Magazine, Resident dj at Auckland's Fubar and promoter of Analog events, Snitch likes to challenge as he entertains.

DJ Snitch

A guy filled with views on music, who's been around the electronica block for a while, Mitchell Hall (aka Dj Snitch) still has many mountains to conquer within the music industry.

dj Sueme

Shaggy catches up with Sueme (aka Phil Wells from Subhead) after he finished spinning at Fun Poison: Karnage.

DJ Thermobee

Its been almost 4 years since DJ Thermobee (aka Jethro) was last downunder.


DJ, Musician and Music Producer Emiterus from Phoenix, AZ in the United States.

DJ Wizdumb

Dj Wizdumb, Is manager/A&R/Dj for Cosmic Conspiracy Records, as well as a Label Dj For Crotus Records (DK) His style is original Minimal Psytrance,and dark chunky tribal progressive psy.

Dub Asylum

Dub Asylum mash up sly reggae moves with hip hop grooves, creating a saucy sonic stew that will delight your ears no end.

Ebb - Live Organic House music

Voiced by the sultry Lisa Tomlins, Ebb create a sublime mix of underground disco, funk and dub


Music for the mornings at outdoor festivals... all original dubby housey trancy breaky melodic big sigh comin down heart and soul music...


multi genre blending with female vocalists and sax. Nature reverance themes...native bird songs...music for trampers and feral road trippers.


.. working hard to bring obscure breakbeat producers to your headphones.


Breakbeat fuelled multi-genre electronica


Out of fuel...? Hack into the ultimate energy vibes of Envy. It's all in the music. A refreshing blend of deep, funky, progressive, tribal, vocal house with a twist of nu-breaks to tantalise your tastebuds.


The giving and recieving of pleasure, joy and love. Eudemony is a place where people remember that dance is journey into your heart. That music is the honey of the soul and that a sound systems outdoors is just wicked.

Eye Spy

Prince Charming


Fanatica has just released his collaboration with MC Lia, 'Scent Of Love' , on 12" through Pinacolada Records

Ferg Burger

A special place in your heart, needs Ferg!

Festival Mushroom Records

I understand this now.... Festival Mushroom Records and Flying Nun is a label committed to the cultivation of New Zealand Music.


Filmic is a collaboration of Gareth Fletcher and Richard Sewell, two New Zealand musicians sharing a common artistic perspective and a little bit of free time.


Professional Fire Performance artist/s

Flipside Records

Flipside Records opened in 1993 and have been rocking Wellington dancefloors, streets, homes and offices with fine tunes ever since.


The Forecast comprises of DJ's and performers who are open-minded to all styles of music, with the main concentration being on Electronica.

Format Productions

Format Productions


Foxymoron owns you (or at least, you wish it did)


Laptop noise wrangler

Full Om

Wellington's Full Power Psychedelic Trance Crew

Fun Poison

Fun Poison started at a small R'n'R club in the redlight district of Wellington, New Zealand, and has grown to become Welly's international obsession, from Brighton to Osaka

Fusion Records Wellington

Supplying all genres of dance music, selected imported cds & dj gear!

Gene "Genetik" Kennedy

Been in the dance music scene forever. Hailing from Entrain and Gathering roots, at 34 he is Djing extensively throughout the country.


Hold tight as Getafix takes you on a ragga flavoured ride from darkness to downbeat. Bear witness to a mashup of D&B, Jungle, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reggae and Dub like no other.


Forget fresh n fruity, think phat and funky


Producer of computer created drum n' bass, trance and retrostyled electronic delights.

Halogen Girl

Emma G, aka Halogen Girl, aka Emma Jean, was born in the year of the snake.

Halogen Productions

Auckland based music video production agency.


Christchurch based producer Headspace has just released his debut 12" 'Fly Away' on Pinacolada Records


Just a club or a state of mind.

High Dosage

The unique sound and awesome energy of High Dosage has destroyed dancefloors across New Zealand and the world with the help of some Headline DJ's.

Hoki (Dean Hokianga)

Hoki in London. An old school Obscure Agent calls in from the farside to report on loving the music and taste all over the place.

House Of Dolls

The Agony In The Garden aka Crunk in Bedlam, the story so far, almost...

Ill Semantics

Auckland Hip-Hop act Ill Semantics was conjured up in 1993, and began taking to make serious waves in the local music scene from 1996 onwards.


There is a huge gap in the dance market for 'professional' Technical services, Illuminati are filling the gap nicely. Having been around since the early 90's Raves in Christchurch their depth of experience and awareness of the dance environment is second



Incline Events

Incline Events

Inner Eye Productions

Inner Eye Production's are a collective of creative people bringing the most cutting edge Psychedelic trance to the people of Aotearoa.

Inspirit Music Ltd

It all started back in 1999 when Inspirit founders Bob Haynes and Max Beard returned from a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand.

Island Entertainment

Christchurch Based Promoters




To listen to Jakob is to journey through the harsh, beautiful, isolated landscape of the Hawkes Bay, NZ, that is their home.

Jason Kyle

Oonsty Goodness!

Jet Jaguar

Michael Upton has been releasing music under his "Jet Jaguar" nom de bleep for a good 9 years now and has been quietly involved around the edges of Wellington's dance and electronic scenes for a decade.


' a multi DJ and VJ combination house act.


Chrome vs Reyne. johnnychrome featuring jordan reyne [Dr Kevorkian & The Suicide Machine] Having carved a niche in Australasian industrial electro the time has come to diversify. johnnychrome and jordan reyne together at last!


In Breif


Khuja Lounge

King Al

Driving around late at night, I see a lone figure walking the street. Could this be the most undercover House agent in Christchurch.


Four musical brothers from Whakatane's Kora family. Newly signed to LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa and already described as "Che Fu meets TrinityRoots".


The Brixton based Maori, Koru, producing tribal house, drum & space, and ambient auros. Yet to be discovered by Aoetearoa!


Krackatoa - Auckland's North Shore Trance Fusion Group.

Lara Charlotte

DJ Lara Charlotte

LOOP Recordings Aot(ear)oa

Buoyed by the acclaim and success of the now defunct LOOP magazine's cover CD series and the opportunities the venture had presented to independent local musicians, LOOP RECORDINGS AOT(EAR)OA was established in mid-2001 to fill the void left by the magazine's untimely closure.

Lord Street Heroes

What's this about the Lord Street Heroes?

Lotek Hifi

Lotek Hifi. Bubblin!!!


Vocalist: currently based in Wellington. Lotus collaborates with many NZ electronic artists and musicians.


Wellington based electronica artist : Jason McClelland


The LRS has been plying his trade since '94, evolving, revolving and reinventing, from sonic terror tracks to laid back circular beats, he is open.

M.C. Persona

M.C Persona straight from the underground with a ruff'n'ready sound as the Base beatz down we make ya move around... Listen to the sound

Mackie aka Phonetic

He asked me the question, "do you have a record player."

Maestro B

House DJ


A fresh sound from this fresh country, creating dance based sounds with a rock storyline. Touring and opening doors is the 2005 vision...


Mansion is Christchurch's newest luxury lounge bar and club, in the centre of town Mansion is setting a new standard for going out in Christchurch

Mark Cubey

A.K.A. Mr Cubey. Creative motivator. Standup consultant.

Mark Emerson

Hamilton, Queenstown, Auckland and Wellington , you name it he has played there.

Massive Productions

Organising youth events in and around Christchurch

Matt Drake

One of Aotearoa's most dynamic and energetic DJs, Matt Drake has been a leading figure in New Zealand's techno and electro scene since the early '90s...

Matt Terrey

Lets just play music, give me some tunes - house, breaks or prog - and lets go to town and have some fun!!


Back in action, The Matterhorn is open for business again, for food and drinks from 9am till very, very late...


Driving uplifting Hard Dance DJ


drum n bass, hip hop, breaks MC/vocalist


One of New Zealand's truely original producers


A dynamic little number this one

Mike Angelo

house on a west coast break' cut like shine


Based in auckland, Melody and Rose are putting on nights at Galatos. We have been trying to book people who are original, unusual, beautiful, inspirational... our focus is on live producers but we are also having dj's and bands, of typical Auckland eve.


Ministry Nightclub and Smile Bar, 90 Lichfield Street, Christchurch - New Zealand's longest-running purpose-built dance venue


With a lackadaisical approach to storytelling, a little libel goes a long way - especially when it's other people telling the story!


Mix nightclub, 262 K'Rd, has been around for only a few months but is already becoming known as a bit of an alternative on 'the strip' where it is one of the few places to offer the true underground clubbing experience.

mk t

just got back to chch..

mk t

recently returned from melbourne


module: is the solo live electronica project of Jeramiah Ross a multi instrumentalist/producer/audio engineer


What is Module? 100% percent live electronica solo project from Jeramiah Ross.

Mofo Records

Mofo Records | Producing Audible Narctotics

Monkey Records

Auckland based label releasing and promoting beautiful New Zealand music.

Movement Clothing & Records

Movement is Napier's newest and only record store.

Moving Image Centre

The Moving Image Centre (MIC) promotes a dynamic and growing culture of media-arts practice in Auckland and New Zealand, supporting an environment of innovation in which the fusion of art and technology is developed and nurtured.


lifes a party and i love being invited!


Musicpeople are house music promoters based in Auckland, promoting local events and international djs from the USA and Europe.

My My Sound System

A mechanism for Turnstyles sonic exploration & adventures.

Myriad Industries

Conspirators in experimental media environments.


Malevolent Drum and Bass/Industrial/IDM/Jungle

Naomi Lamb

VJ = Visual Journeyer

Noise Enthusiast

The Depths of Drum and Bass Pressure

Nrgize Promotions

Christchurch's most forward thinking electronic music event

O. Allison

A psychedelic fusion of intricate electronic dance production and organic instrumental accompaniment


Noxious Wasteland


Noxious Wasteland


Obscure is the original New Zealand dance music website, a long time event promoter (along with it's Fun Poison offshoot) and occasional record label.

Olonne Productions

Olonne Productions is named after the home town of company founder Cyril Orson

Original Fever

A Wellington based ragga-jungle zine, trying to promote the sounds in New Zealand, soon to be distributing nationally and internationally.

Otros. aka "the others"

Hip Hop Underground




Lush, downbeat electronica, for your listening pleasure...


Paradigm are Mark Kneebone and Damian Vaughan.


It all about possession. Some people have it some people don't.

PHAT 05 Outdoors

Outdoor Dn'B New Years Eve party!

Phat Club

Phat club brings the out door parties in, with stimulating eye candy floor to wall. Slap bang in the middle of Bridge st Nelson. Phat beats, Phat cocktails.

Phat Club

.. at the top of the south specialising in drum n bass, house, dub, roots, hip hop & the best live acts & DJs from around the planet!


Preview: Sitting down via the marvellous invention of the web, I thought It's high time to catch up with one of Auckland's Premier Djs - Philippa, winner of Re:mix's "best up and coming dj" award in 98 and b.net's "Best up and coming dj" award in 2000. It seems she has been just that since moving to Auckland from the Capital....


I thought it was time for an update

Pig Out

"It's house music? But? What? Pig Out manage to get this so totally fucking bang on because they aren't pretending - this is genuine and it goes to illustrate perfectly, indie is not a fucking genre - it's an attitude. This IS indie-house. Trust me I am old enough to appreciate where they are coming from - and this kicks as much serious ass as the original groundbreaking stuff from Chicago circa 1986-89."

Pinacolada Records

Christchurch based house music label run by Tim Baird.

Pitch Black

Having pumped through New Zealand's electronic music scene since their inaugural performance at the annual electronic festival The Gathering in 1997, Pitch Black have spent five years rousing dance floor punters, generating rave reviews and winning thousa


Fruity forge acid sony IBM thinkpad nativeinstruments pro5 Gofigure...


Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

pleasure zone dj services

a good provider of lighting and effects for the small dj thru to big raves


Maybe 'sane' people should stay well away from doing stuff at parties...


Cambridge band with own label dedicated to taking their brand of dance music to the world.


Psurkit is a platform (re)presenting the music and culture of New Zealand (Aotearoa)

PSY-CAB Productions

We do what we all love....


The Brainchild of eccentrician and musically schizophrenic DJ/Musician Brendan Kelly.


Producing strange and beautiful music for beautiful and strange people... He is selling and pimping a product.

Pulzar Fm

Pulzar FM - Chch's home of dance music radio - now online!

Radio Active 89fm

Radio Active 89FM has been broadcasting 25 years of fresh music to discerning wellington music lovers.

RadioActive 89FM

RadioActive is the only independant Radio Station in Wellington. Our DJ's are predominantly volunteers, resulting in passionately pleasing tunes 24hrs.


all occasions Digital artist


In the spring of 1997, Matt Chicoine, aka Recloose, made first contact with techno pioneer and Planet E label head Carl Craig by way of a carefully placed sandwich containing Recloose's demo tape. Craig bit.


Redline is a collective of Drum n Bass DJ's and Producers in New Zealand.


Three people who understand and create a unique dynamic through the application of lighting concepts.

Refuel Bar

ReFuel is a Dunedin venue at Otago University.

Remix Magazine

Remix Magazine was launched in November 1997 in New Zealand. REMIX was a swift success quickly becoming the leading urban culture magazine in the New Zealand market.

Rhian Sheehan

Rhian discovered the possibilities of computer-based music at university and has since forged his own sound based on acoustic instrument and synthesised sounds.

Rinsed Productions

Bringing the New & occasionally Old school sounds of Hardcore to Christchurch


Live from the cap.

Robbie Forrester

Absolute maniac. Lighting guy and genral chaos generator.

Robyn Peters

Fresh on the deck in Queenstown.


"Decks and the City . . ."

Roots Foundation Sound System

"Music is the healing force of the universe. Sometimes, our very soul is in need of medication. Reggae is the thing that joins everything together. Reggae is the common factor ".

Ruffneck Souljah

Every Single Person Has A Story To Tell


Based in Wellington. S-ence presents local, national & international techno events.


Promoter of the SALVATION parties

Sanctity Ltd

Organiser of Sanctuary Dark-end Music Events...


Wellingtons premier Lounge Bar and Night Club environment

Sebastian Coda

Coda is one of NZ's leading techno DJs. Hailing from Wellington's rave scene in the early 90s, he continues to spin & promote the best in the world of techno.


sense_ is Live electronica from Palmerston North New Zealand


'We both always loved robots and ganja, this was definatly evident in our sound, we didn't really know what to call some of the stuff we where making except robot music'


Breakbeat producer. I use lots of other genres and elements when working on my breaks, beats, tracks etc..

Shannon Aston

Deep House Dj specialising in quirky, deep, off-centred house.


Set apart by their use of organic instruments as well as synths to create music that has previously been restricted to pre-sequenced performances.


I love to play and love to produce!!!

Simon Deaker

Sitting in a central Queenstown kitchen. This is the kitchen of an Artist in the house of an Artist. To me it looks like a New Zealand kitchen.

Simon Kong

Culture Agent

Skulz of Def

Queenstownz most hardcore band

slick productions

slick productions

Soul Science

Auckland Drum'n Bass promoters

Souled Out Dance Network

Souled Out is New Zealand's Only Nationwide Dance Network.


Auckland's premier tech promotions crew.


World famous in South London


One of Wellingtons only Mid-size Venues, catering for all, live bands, local & international Dj's, and everything inbetween. Open Monday-Saturday from 11am till late......


Deadly Wellington City techno duo, Agent 99 and Shadowgirl

Studio 96.8

Queenstowns home for dance music!


The home of Wellington City clubbing, and years of legendary scensters and internationals

Studionine Complex

When Edward St siblings Studionine and Subnine are combined they become Wellington's venue maze: The Nine Complex


Club built by 'music' & the hands of love it'


Part of the Studionine complex


Dubstep, postrock and electronica resource.


Providing New Zealand with a constant high standard of Drum and Bass events


Surreal Bar and Resturant Queenstown.

Sylwester Mielniczuk

RealXInteractive - music for interactive and multimedia


Purveyors of Auckland's Techno Community


Representing the most upfront on the floor hip hop, breaks and bass.


tardis emcee battles in queenstown where endo won twice in a row. i just wanted to know if i could get sent the photos of the battle night that were on here a week ago..cheers

That Guy From Otara™

That guy from Otara has his own show. Where no genre is disriminated. Join that guy as he introduces genres into the already full belly of Kfm 106.9

The Audio Foundation

An online resource and networking hub for experimental audio culture in New Zealand

The Family

Fashion & Art Gallery, The Oaks Complex, Cuba Mall, above City Bakery.

The Greenmatics

Mel Smith makes psychedelic electro trippy pop, and has been sampling pies and beers from all around the country.

The Hot Grits

deep funk and afrobeat soul from auckland

The idle sea

I quit my job and bought some HD25's...

The Odeon

Hawkes Bays Best Rave Venue!!

The Phat Club

The Phat is your dance/live hub at the top of the south island

The Phat Club


The Society For the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life

SPOFWOL is the production name under which, in Bertrand Rathbourne mode, I operate when interfacing with the world.

The Soft Sell

Helping artists stay independent and more...

Tiki Taane

Band member of Salmonella Dub


Two jokers and their search for a bottomless cup of electronica.

TMet Recordings

New Zealand's Digital Download Label.


Producer/songwriter/rapper Jody Lloyd is Trillion. Jody has produced and released 5 albums and 3 ep's. Trillion has just been transformed into a live six piece band.


Bio / Blog / blah blah


Better living through denial...


UP FM 107.5

Urban Notion

ChCh DnB crew .. with the vibes, the breaks, all heads togeather, trading skills and sharing a passion for music ..


Underground outdoor original new zealand techno from Variant


My experimenral music

Visionz Trust 2001

Believe in Zero Waste, sustainability, and a positive change for Aotearoa through Music, Arts, Performers, Healing......

Vj Micha Klein

Having the rare chance to meet one of thee greatest Vj's ever at Tiesto @ Disneyland, I thought it was time to find out how he got started...


... please don't adjust your mindset.


As an electronic music project, watermeron is about diverse grooves with a playful sense of humour.

Watkins Bar

The Watkins Bar is situated at 176 Cuba St, Wellington. It is a petit two level bar open Tuesday to Saturday with a range of regular club nights.


While_you_were_Sleeping is a music and video collective, based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Willy "Always Wanting Walnuts" Willis

Insomniac gives the reader an insight into the mind of an experienced musical adventurer.

YummY Alliance

Based in QTN The YummY Alliance is James'the Wick'Wickison, Tim Buckley, John'shoulders'Hennessey and Simon Herbert. Our mission is to entertain and our preferred medium is Tech House.


New Zealand underground Psy Trance producer. Also co-organiser of tribal rising parties...