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D-Jade in the set'

Currently Resident at

Name: D. Jade,

Birthplace: Wellington

Current residence: Subculture

Previous haunts: Auckland, Tokyo, and Vancouver Island

First dance music experience: Back in the days of the Brat

Favourite genre: No Favourite genre. I love all forms of break beat but my allegiance spans drum and bass through to breaks.

Favourite local DJ: Downtown Brown world famous, Alisa, Turbohag who is the master of the cut,

Favourite DJ: have to be Craze

Favourite producer: Aargh! Um lets see Andy C, John B, Ed Rush and Optical, Freq, Pump Dj's

Favourite remixer: Has to be John B (Oh no)

Favourite tune of the moment: Andromeda remix of Grandmaster flash's white lines

Other musical influences (if any): Played Guitar in all female band back in my high school days.

Why did you begin DJing?
I came to Queenstown 3 years ago and broke my collar bone on my third day snowboarding. Thus meaning no work or riding for two and a half months. This coincided with the fact that no dj's here played drum in bass only house and a wee bit of hip hop. I had to get my loud fix of drum and bass so I did it myself.

How long have you been DJing?
About 2 and a half years

Best venue or party played?
Summer Solstice in Christchurch for the venue, but the best party would be the Brand Aid fundraiser we did for a mate Casper Lee, recently paralysed in a nasty car crash. It's so much fun playing for free knowing that you're raising money for a wicked cause.

Ultimate club or party to play at: Something outdoors in England Homelands etc

Favourite club to party at: Fu Bar in Auckland

Ideal DJ set: Playing Drum and Bass and breaks with Craze and Q-Bert cutting it up fresh with me while Rahzel is doing crazy shit on the Mic!

Favourite radio show & station? My own show which is so much fun, the weekly drum and bass show 8-10pm on the studio 96.8fm called In the Groove. We also do a breaks show on the first Wednesday of every month called "Catch the Breaks.

Favourite piece of equipment?
Would have to be my Roland DJM 2000 with its new Scratch crossfader.

Favourite record shop? BMP in Auckland

What inspired you to become a DJ?
Aside from total love of the music, my inspiration from the same reason and really for the same reason as why I began.

What makes a decent DJ?
Selections and style

What do you enjoy most about being a DJ?
Watching people stoked on the same tunes as me.

Where is the New Zealand scene progressing to?
A place that is going to be very prominent in the world in the very near future.

What artists do you see as your inspirations?
Downtown Brown, he made me realise my Uni. Degrees were not a waste of time and that I should ultimately follow my passion

Any advice for up and coming deejays?
Keep it real don't sellout