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Valid Criticism?

Chpm cuts a swathe through NZ's pathetic pool of mini-celebrity, not...

25 Dec 2003

Why shouldn't Artists endevours be subject to pragmatic opinion? Dullards should be held to account for recycling genres and being essentially, completely boring especially in New Zealand where we need a good laugh.

You're a relic when after feint perusal, the contmporary (the young: to whom the world belongs) put you back on the shelf.

On the other hand if the young are so precious they disdain the truth... tough.

Wide boy rock is dead, witness the scampering back to little old NZ of sundry next big things of recent years. Er..do I have to name them. I would hazard a guess it has something 2do with C4!

Techno and hip hop in nz have the one thing ye' old Gtar & dreams lack... a sound modern enough to morph at a speed rapid enough to hew an impression of the current generation... shift.

Try it: compare Concord Dawn with ... er ... Zed or ... Well I'm sure you get the idea.

No offence to the latter but I bechadupa that NZONAIR money could be much more effectively spent by any one of NZ's dance / hiphop participants creating original sounds.

Like where have the feelers been lately and suddenly they get the 5G gratis award and ... well the rest is history ... we hope.