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Reinvention the Wheel

Is going backward in reality moving forward

6 Jun 2004

Its strange how evolution is forced on us - From the shaky start given to us in the late 80's Dance music has moved out of the Warehouses & Fields then in to the Clubs.
But for all the Hype generated by this moving in with the mainstream and the half hearted acceptance it brought has left but a bitter taste.

Forced out of having a choice by greedy Bar owners & a general lack of support from those who in the past choose this to be the focus of their lifestyle.
Tribalism is but another term towards our downfall.

We may have lost our way but perhaps its time to start again,
The attitude which New Zealander's are best known for is ingenuity to make do with what you've got - This is what will take us forward... to the past.

Going back to our roots, forcing change like it happened before is the only way our scene, our attitudes & our music will survive.

Support those who put their hearts & bank accounts on the line for their love of the music & help create our own future.