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PsyTrance hell in Golden bay: Visionz

General "gonzo" reporting from the thick of it meets apocalpse now as seen through the eyes of "the crazy lighting guy", is that guy on drugs? No just VERY strong coffee...

13 Jan 2004

We arrived. We packed in. It was f*****g hot. Is It going to rain? No one was sure, the sky was fudging.

Man I was packing, this had better work or I'm going to look like a dork.

Four minimacs, two Mac500's and some little stuff. Most peeps would balk and go to alpine but I was commited, I had to pull through.

We had sound, 15 k of triple two six's and a stack of amps, the w's still covered in mud from the Phat outdoors gig, it RAINED, the rig was Grant's and Terrys, a vet from way way back. Remember the G? Those bins were there, man.

Shit, what do I do now? Rig, and make it up as I go along.

You wanna turn the generator off? at night? That's when I start working!!!!

Heated words were exchanged, and a ten K genny was dumped out of the back of a ute and cranked up. Close.

We rocked the first night, but some one left the strobe on for twenty min when I was haveing a kip, you dumb ass! I got told off by the "dj co ord" who said it freaked people out, like psitrance dosen't? I nailed him the next night with a lecture on fire and where my fire extinguisher was in case he burnt the tent down, he looked a bit freaked out, hey shit happens ok?

Oh yeah if anyone heard the female gregorian chant at full bore during the day, that was my doing, he he he, I love chiks singing:)

The river, the river, the river...

Shit i have to go to sleep, Simon. I will try to write some good shit soon!!! The storys I have to tell!!!!

Love Ya Robbie
p.s. 5 days and nights of carnage with less than 16 hours sleep. I got cosy with kathryn who was pouring coffee and got a backstage pass to the esspresso machine! She rocks