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Minuit ' gunning on tour

new EP, new gigs, new guns

3 Jul 2004

Up for Best Electronic Album at the b-Net awards and how could you miss the video with the circus and the suitcase and the handsaw...

Now are releasing the Guns EP, and have been able to coerce ruth away from her day job building sets for King Kong for a handful of live dates.

And with their set at the TVNZ National Anthem cut short by directors who deemed it 'way too sexy for morning tv'... Who knows what these kids can pull off!

Alongside 'em will be the funky FunknSloCuts and the impeccable MC Kurnel, as well as lovely breakbeat locals in each centre..

Thats a big threatening night of breakbeat right there.

The Guns EP out 9 August


for updates check http://www.minuit.co.nz