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Ignite 03, all things Music Review

News and Views from Ignite 03 at the Aotea Centre , Auckland City

25 Apr 2003

The Djing, music side of things was spilt over two nights, Rachael Attending Tuesday night and myself attending Thursday Night...........

Tuesday night at the Aotea centre was a chance for bedroom DJ's and well
knowns to talk shop.

If CDJ's, needles and levels aren't part of your vocab, hosts Dick Johnson
and Greg Churchill would have bored you to tears. For the hundred or so that
did turn up, this was not the case. Questions and answers flew around the
room between amateur and pro on all topics from CDJ's vs. decks to demo's,
to getting overseas gigs. It was a casual chat followed by voluntary mixing.

Juju (Lightspeed Promotions) said the nights are one of a kind in this country and it is good to have the support for something with such a huge following.
"We could have sold this four times over," says ... who are thinking of taking it outside Auckland with the huge response they've had so far.

Freedom Of Music Discussion

Thursday night saw a panel made up of Dick 'Magik' Jonhson (Shamboom records) Simon Woods ( Inmusic) Pete Jenkinson ( Paper Recordings) and Simon Flower ( Nuture records).
Topics of most Interest were, the use of Internet for record sales, downloading loops and samples , the use of Mp3's, Hacking downloads and what it is really doing to the scene.
The idea of covering older tracks or taking vocals and sampling, how to go about clearing them from the original arists and weither it is even worth clearing them which then lead onto the art of bootlegs.
One that got the crowd going was the use of Promo cds to open club nights.. There quite a few promoters and dj's presents and seems there are few rumbles in the club scene at the moment with these cds so called promo cds. Certain Panel memebers where totally against them as sometimes artists where missing out on royalties, where as some panel members were not as they have done it themselves and thought it was a great idea to get people in the door.

The Closing Disscusion was getting your music played out or signed up to record companies and radio stations. the lengths that some people have to go to just to get a listen having to emailing, calling up before it arrives amount of copies pr work.. was quite interesting. Bob Daktari on the otherhand informed us he had no time to really take any new artists. I'll leave that up to you to figure out who he is :-)

cheers To Juju at Lightspeed for giving Rachael and Myself the chance to attend.

bring on ignite 04!

Carl Reynolds
Rachael Meese