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South Korea takes electronic outdoors !

10 Jul 2003

It's happening!!! ... a celebration of summer, sun, fun, nature and music!

2nd - 3rd August, 2003

What is it?

'Ethos' ... is a free outdoor summer dance and performance event. It begins on the evening of the 2nd of August, allowing you to dance through the night to greet the sunrise, then into the Anmyundo Beach Festival festivities.

It is held in conjunction with the support of the Anmyundo City Council

Why have it?

Our inspiration for the party was inspired by the
growth of the and International electronic
dance music scene. Then along came summer with all
it's heat and humidity.

You're probably longing for a summer party, dancing
somewhere different for a change, getting outdoors,
amongst clean fresh air, surrounded by nature.

We are too; so the drive to combine great local talent,
in a beautiful setting was born: Ethos.

What's in it for you?

An opportunity for you to leave the frantic pace of
Seoul behind and experience something different.

Slip off your shoes and dance on the beach, relax, watch
and get involved in some performance arts and visual
entertainment, leave your city life behind you, if only for a
weekend, and escape into a different style of living.

Who is behind Ethos?

Ethos was originally conceived by McLeod and
Patrick Shirkey with the aim of helping to nurture the
electronic music community in South Korea.

Min young Kim has become a lynch pin due to his extensive
Korean expertise in both the music and event management

Dell has worked as a professional dj and dance party
co-ordinator for over ten years, working on many
outdoor gigs, including New Zealand's largest outdoor
rave with up to 15,000 people. Qualified in theatre
and fine Arts, Ethos has received much from Dells
experiences with music, art and performance.

Patrick, whilst also a professional dj, is owner and
founder of DJCJ.org along with Boosthardware.com.
DJCJ.org was created as a forum to inform and promote
events here in Seoul, and eventually, South Korea. It
is run using Linux programming, Patricks forte, and
supports the ALSA and Ardor music programmes that he
is working on.

Jason, Min-young Co-founder of Lokhi Entertainment
Jason's talents lie in creating the guidelines for all
forms of events here in Sth Korea.

Lokhi Entertainment deals with international stars, controlling
their events, exposure and public relations here in Korea.
With an eye on popular entertainment in relation to
modern Korean culture Jason is an invaluable attribute.

The Anmyundo party

Held at Baramarae Beach (translated as "Beneath the
wind") this upcoming event includes dj's from Seoul's
main dance party and electronic music promoters, as
well as one of Seoul's top visual artists.

Incorporating dj's from Korea, Canada, New Zealand,
Australia and America, this will be a truely international event!

What we ask

We ask that you please respect the environment, please
don't bring glass, don't litter, and leave only your
footprints behind.

Also bring water, warm clothes MOSQUITO REPELLANT and
food. There are facilities there for you, but we want
you to make sure you'll be comfortable during your
time in Anmyundo.

Any furthur information will be posted on our website