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Dj Watcha

Watcha started DJing in South Africa back in 1993.

16 Sep 2002

Watcha started DJing in South Africa back in 1993.

Once gaining a residency @ some of South Africa's best clubs, Watcha decided to relocate to London to establish himself as an international artist and further his career doing what he loves most..

I caught up with Him in Queenstown to see what he is Up too....

Carl. How would u Describe you style of Djing?

Dj Watcha: Underground! Ranging from Deep to Funky House and some Tech House.

Carl. What is the Dance Scene Like in South Africa..

Dj Watcha: The Scene is really Healthy in South Africa as its quite fresh, deep house is big but hard hardhouse is the major scene right now.

Carl. Main Residances that you play at?

Dj Watcha. Main residant for Filthy Society In London, also hold a bi monthly residency in Paris @ a club called 'Follies Pigual' also Play at Ministry of Sound from time to time.

Carl. Are you a Dj that Dances?

Funny thing about dj's is that most of them cant dance, i really do enjoy a good jig be it before or after my set.

Well big thanks to Shane for taking the time out to Speak to me about this.

He played a full on banging funky house set at Debajo!!!!