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Please use the Submit section to give us your content - you can add an article, an event, images, news, links, profiles and New Zealand record releases.

Start at the Submit page... it's worth it. A lot of people will see your info.

Please remember, Obscure is dedicated to the New Zealand dance scene, so non NZ submissions may not make it online. We try to be reasonably objective, but retain the right to refuse submissions for whatever reason.

Most thinigs can both have images attached to them - we expect you to supply an image of your event's flyer or poster when you submit.

The submit pages guides you through how to add your item... read the instructions and follow the steps, it's pretty easy.

Please avoid anything that's too hypey - be objective please - or with ALL CAPS anwhere in it, check your spelling and make sure it's nicely written.

We'd like you to follow these basic rules for anything you contribute


Basic information required is where it is, when it is, who's playing and what kind of event it is... But we really want more than that... tell us what's special about it.

Be objective. Hype doesn't sell, Tell the truth! Why will people want to come to your event, what makes it special, what's on offer.

We check off each event before it goes live. If it doesn't meet the grade we'll probably email you with an explanation. We may or may not edit it. Depending on how much work is needed, we may get you to resubmit it.

<b>Images </b>

Pics can be uploaded in pretty much any format, either individually or as a gallery. Our system converts them to jpeg for display.

We keep your original file in case we need a hi res copy. If you're uploading files, don't be worried about them being to big - upto around 1000 pixels on the longest edge is good.

If you're uploading photos, please make sure they're nicely cropped and color balanced (ie use the levels or curves commands in photoshop).

Once you have entered and checked your contribution, it will be passed to our editors for checking and approval, we aim to get new items online within 24 hours, but it often much sooner.

Happy Submitting!