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Rumble in the Jungle National Final

  • Music: Drum and Bass, Jungle
  • DJs: to be confirmed. Guest DJ: Mr Smith
  • Bands: Host MC: Imon Star
  • Tickets: $20 presales - more on the door

8 of the nations best DnB DJs converge to take the title and major prize

Rumble in the Jungle is a Drum and Bass DJ Competition, that is, it is a mixing competition including all subgenres of Drum and Bass / Jungle. The style of DJing expected in the competition is generally what you would expect a club DJ to play at any DnB gig, however, expect the DJs that win or place well in this competition to have a few tricks up their sleeves while maintaining a tight set and keeping the crowd entertained.

The competition spans three stages:

The entry stage - This is when DJs send in a demo Mix CD which will be compared to all the other DJs in the region. The judges score the mixes and select the best 12 DJs to compete in the next stage.

The regional stage - This is a live competition held in various centres around New Zealand. The DJs selected from the entry stage must progress through three rounds to be named winner of their region. The top two DJs are then selected to travel to the final stage.

The final stage - Once again, this is a live competition, featuring the best 2 DJs from each of the previous regionals. The DJs must also progress through the rounds in this event, to be named Rumble in the Jungle champion and collect the massive first prize.

Grand Final - 13th of October @ San Francisco Bath House
Host MC: Imon Star
Host DJ: Mr Smith

DJS: To be confirmed - keep an eye on for results of the heats.

LAST YEAR THIS SOLD OUT EASY - get your presales.