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Some Serious Ass Shaking at the St James

George FM decided it was time to throw a paaarteee and man did they lay down a good one...

5 Aug 2003

Being my first visit to a Major House gig i was amping!!!! Upon arriving I was directed into the St. James main room. Low and behold my old mate The Marshall was laying down some funky as tunes. Reds lights, visual screens and huge mirror balls had the main room alight.

Mr. Kirby was on the mic, rarking up the crowd as George were also running a simulcast for the unlucky ones who didn't win a ticket... Cheers, whistles and clapping all around and it was only 10pm.

Moving around the crowd dancing my arse off I could see a female figure appear from the shadows of the main stage. Again Kirby attends to the mic "Introducing Dj Phillipa". When she took to the decks she stepped it up another level, producing what I feel would easily have to be the set of the night. A very interesting journey of funky, deep and very dirty house. She even managed to find time to dance around to a few of her tracks - yes dj's do like to get down sometimes as I have now witnessed.

Having 60 of New Zealand's top dj's playing all in one building I knew it was going to be hard to see them.

I disappeared up to the grand circle soon after Mr Keys and Soane took the main stage.. as it was The Dark Riders (Darrel Milnie and Mata) turn on the decks up there.

The Grand Circle was decking out in normal fashion lots of chairs and couches. I wouldn't really call it the chill out room but a room where you could escape the huge crowds of the other rooms, a journey in itself trying to get there up the spiral stairwell to the very top of the St. James.

Back down in the Regent Foyer I had a few friends drag me into what seemed to be the "funist" room of the night.

Cesar and Dan Clarke where treating the punters to some very very funky stuff... Very feet moving and not much time for sitting down in here. A few drinks and good old catch up with Craig and Bex, a couple of snapshots for the album and it was off to the Regent to catch Ange and Clarie Del.

It was 3pm was I feeling tired? heck no! There was still plenty of action to follow. Greg Churchill ripped it up in the main room, this time around though I couldnt even get anywhere near the front section it was totally rammed.. proving that he is easily New Zealand's No. 1 man when it comes to spining the vinyl.

Twas now getting into the wee small hours of the morning. Paul Dean and Anglea Fisken had taken control of the main room, Riddle was laying down the drum 'n' Bass in the Regent Foyer and I made one last trip up that very long stairwell.

and Matt Drake where about to take flight in GC. Tech house and Techn0! Yay! I had been waiting all night for the techno sessions and loved every minute of it. Sadly the body told me it was time to go home and 6am I pulled the pin.

I said my good byes and left what I feel was Aucklands event of 2003 - So many dj's on show, so many happy smiley people. George FM you guys rock my world Thanks to them for this wonderful event. Lets hope there 2004 summer event is all go as well.

Big ups to all the Dj's that took part as well.. Mr Kirby you my friend are the Man!