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Meat Katie Oh Yes

I lost my phone in Singapore but it was totally worth it...

13 Sep 2006

Once upon a time there was a student in Sheffield, UK, working on the door of a
beautiful, grimey, beloved breakbeat club called Urban Gorilla. It was me, by the
way, and it was brilliant, and Meat Katie played there regularly, so he did.

So then I was in Singapore, with my appendicitis stricken Best Friend In The Whole
World (Sophie), and she'd managed to crawl out of bed to the Ministry Of Sound,
braved the smoke clouds and lethal shards of budweiser bottles and plonked herself
on a bar stool to soberly, joyfully and very, very carefully bob her head about to
the glorious soundz of everybody's favourite Londoner.

This was the only time we'd managed to scrape together enough cash to actually go out,
so I ensured her general safety, zoomed to the dance floor and bounced about for an
hour until my phone decided it had had enough and leaped from my pocket into the
scummy hands of some anti-social reprobate who completely failed to give it to security.

But here's the thing, right; it didn't matter! Not even a bit! Cos Meat Katie provided
the soundtrack. That's why (and because my nz sim card was somewhere else the whole time).

I think what I'm essentially saying is this.

Meat Katie is in Christchurch!

Where the hell are you???