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Whats up with all our hip NZ artist supporting Telecom?

30 Mar 2003

Person K:

Whats up with all our hip NZ artist supporting Telecom?

Sure we all need a $$ . . but I must admit I was a little surprised to see Mu on TV saying touchy feely things about phone technology.

Do we realize how much creed we lend to these companies when people from our end of culture represent for them ..

Basically no matter how much Mu gets paid ' Telecom gets something money cannot buy . street creed ! which Mu sweated for years over..

Sure - we are all getting a little to old to be freaky about corporate correctness .. I just think that we need to maintain some respect ..

Telecommunications is fairly hip at the moment .

but I still don't think that they deserve our hard earned culture to prop up their corporate identity . which is all that is happening !!

Dig yourself out of the underground to be come a mascot . yeah

Person B:

Interesting observation there.

A couple of other factors that may come into it: The underlying one is that Telecom is trailing Vodafone something cronic. They recently pulled their TM brand which they didn't realise was starting to establish it's self, and this is part of a huge pull by Telecom to re brand.

Telecom seems to be this monster which doesn't know if it is meant to be a single faced giant or lots of smaller brands which break up the monopoly impression.

But back to the (sell out). Even if the idea of all those guys networking like that is an ideal representation of where technology is and how it can be applied, there are other motives. I wouldn't be surprised where that idea came from.

It's not just about the artists now, in NZ & worldwide there is developing a second level of interest on NZ products because there is more money in it. Not just for the artists, but for their managers, labels, record companies, etc

The thing I was wondering about was, is this actually happening? From knowing several of them I am fairly sure that sitting in a café, if you said to Mu what are FFD doing on the 15th, want a gig? He probably wouldn't grab his palm pilot check his schedule, say I am free and then IR an email from his Palm to his cell and on to the rest of the crew saying we have a gig?

Needless to say, although I have been hassled about being a geek for suggesting I text my business card to someone, Telecom in one swoop, has made the biggest geek session look cool!