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Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, The LRS (aka Simon Swain) has been twisting minds in the capital for the past five years with rare freeform live electronic sets, wrenching half crafted, half improvised dubbic techno sounds from a birds nest of wires boxes and blinking lights.

More recently, the LRS work is on hold, and Swain is working on Outmost tracks with co producer Polarity


Skankatronics - Pure Wellingtronika / compilation
LRS - Syntax / album
Number8wire / compilation
The Gathering CD 1998/99 / compilation
Outmost / ep
Lava vol 2 / compilation

Gathering CD

LRS has been hacking at tracking in Wellington city for the past five years or so, starting with live shows at theatres, bars and bunker parties, some programmed, some runaway loose sequence jams... also check the Satina Saturnina album for fully manual rock'n'roll single key riffs...

The track NorT1 on the Gathering CD sees LRS getting back on his Mac in cut and paste wasteland, scratching on the surface of some new toys... LRS Mac work hasn't been heard out for years, the last sample is still probably on archive at Active, circa '94.

More recently LRS has been teaming up with larconic cohort Larry Polarity to wind together some of the madder style Outmost tracks... look to hear many of these fresh from band practice via LRS at The Gathering this year