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Skankatronics - Pure Wellingtronika...The embryonic Wellington techno comp from late '96

Skankatronics - Pure Wellingtronika

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Frozen in a moment of time, Skankatronics is Wellington city's first foray in to the world of dance music, coming about via bedroom sessions and Skankatronic gigs, a seminal moment in our history.

lrsliveAcidic squelches, distant warehouse kickdrums, manic hi-hats, distortion a-go-go... We're in Hamburg, right? Or maybe Berlin? Truth is, this is the rising sound of the Wellington underground.

Motorway-dodgers with imagination to burn, one ear on germany, the other on Detroit, the Wellingtronix posse includes skillful synthslappers Oblique, LRS, Polarity, Atemeg, Isolation, and Jet Jaguar who without exception give up the goods for this compilation.

Skankatronics CD CoverFrom the fonky acidicism of Oblique's world class 'Blister', through dancefloor detonating LRS cuts 'Loci' and 'No Comment', from Polarity's twitchy teutonic tunes 'R->L', 'MC Mess', and 'Work' to calmer and deeper pools of sound from Atemeg and Jet Jaguar, Skankatronics is the good shit, fresh and steaming and crammed with stinky grooves.

The Skankatronics posse may share a love for clinical German electro but they got mo' funk, and thus half the Harthouse stuff that has nerdboy DJs wet dreaming is easily outclassed by these mutant ramblings from the capital city. Buy without delay.

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