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Jet Jaguar

With a natural ability for manipulating computer and audio equipment, a lot of feeling and a very smooth sense of rhythm, Jet Jaguar has carved out a very comfortable niche for himself in Wellington's electronic scene

And if you think you need a serious audio engineering background to do this, think again. With absolutely no technical training, Jet Jaguar has taught himself all the tricks, and has managed to make some of the freshest skankiest electronics beats around...

Jet sweated along with the frenzied masses through the rave revolution, and while he definately got something out of it, he found something lacking in the frantic nature of the music. So, taking inspiration from early ambient/electro pioneets Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, and more obscure artists such as Mouse on Mars and Douglas Lilburn, Jet developed his own unique sound.

When asked to define his musical style, he doesn't have and answer; he has the philosophy to decide on the flavour of the tune after it has been composed - not beforehand. But rest assured, the basslines are constantly large and the surrounding elements, though made by machines, are surprisingly warm and soulful.

Some of Jet's tunes are quite abstract; his recording 'Seeper' on the Wellingtronia Skankatronics CD (see skankatronics page for audio of this track) has a time signature of 11/8. And while a lot of his compositions are designed for your listening pleasure, this boy can definately rock a dancefloor. He proved this at ESC last year playing support for Lava Lava. Utilising the talents of Tim on the double bass and Toby on the trumpet, Jet Jaguar churned out very funky breakbeat house flavours and created fantastic vibe throughout.

Other collaborations include Casiotone United and the Dub Connection - a live to air which received massive airplay on Active in the following months.

Jet has experimented with Chinese mime and physical theatre; a play called Koong Shee. He composed the soundtrack for the play, sampling Balinese percussion orchestras and mixing it down with drum and bass. Out there. The play is going to the Balinese Arts Festival and will tour around schools in New Zealand, Bali and Mexico.

with some exposure around the world, an album in the not too distant future, and positive feedback from New York, Jet is going places. For you the mesesage is clear. If you haven't already, it's time to turn on and tune in to Jet Jaguar.