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Pacific Heights - Frozen Fears

Full length from Shapeshifter frontman Devin Abrahams. In a just world this will get the same massive reception the harder dnb sounds of Concord Dawn and Bulletproof are getting round the globe.

Salmonella Dub - For The Love Of It

First single from 'Killervision', and Salmonella Dub's first big break into the NZ music charts.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Live At The Matterhorn

Exactly what it says, an album of Fat Freddy's Drop playing the infamous Wellington bar. A selection of mad, sprawling jams.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope / Bluey 10"

Two more massive (as in huge.. as in, well, long) tracks from the Drop boys. The follow up to 'Midnight Marauders' by band mainstays Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie.

Tinnitus - Future's Past

Michael Hodgson (Pitchblack, Projector Mix) and Angus McNaughton (Phase Five, Unitone Hifi) have had their fingers in a lot of pies over the years, but this is where the two of them started out: Tinnitus. After almost a decade of multimedia performances and self-released tapes, Flying Nun issued this CD as a retrospective. A selection of moody soundscapes tracing the slow development from a banging pots and pans approach to electronic dub outs.

Fly My Pretties - Live At Bats

A collection of tracks recorded live at Bats theatre in Welli, coordinated and fronted by Barnaby Weir (Dub Connection, Black Seeds, Flash Harry). Not so much a band as a one-off project, featuring all kinds of bods from the Capital's intertwined music scene.