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Dj Dick Johnson - Electric: Dj Lspd 01

Dj Dick Johnson's latest release DJ LSPD 01 A very interesting Journey into the Genre that is HoUse MuSic! all night long baby!

Audiosauce - Diversecity

Debut release from Miles Tilly, the man who comes out with new tracks faster than most can spread their morning toast. Also the first release of Wellington's capitalrecordings

Concord Dawn - Disturbance

Full length CD of banging drum n bass.

Datsun Stereo - Datsun Stereo Ep

Nothing to do with the Datsuns, this is a project involving Mike Upton (aka Jet Jaguar) and Tarn McDonald, writing jerky, chopped up breaks and house feels. This 12" contains their four favourite tracks they wrote while flatting together in Wellington.

Denver Mccarthy - Rise & Shine

Denver McCarthy's third full length, and the first under his own name. A mix of shimmering electro and upfront techno, with his most explicit meditations on his religious beliefs.

Denver Mccarthy - Roughage

A pounding techno track from the album 'Rise & Shine', with a reworking on the B side.

Dub Asylum - Dub Never Sleeps Ep

CD EP of tracks by Peter McLennan, previously from Auckland madcap reggae/punk/thrash band Hallelujah Picassos.

Dub Connection - Dub Connection Ep

A slab of wax featuring some of Wellington's busiest musicians in collaboration, including various Black Seeds, and the production work of Jet Jaguar & Dr Lee Prebble.

Salmonella Dub - Dubtomfoolery

An EP containing a mix of tracks from the first album and new music. Featured a remix by Project Mix (aka Michael Hodgson), better known now days as one half of Pitch Black.

Salmonella Dub - Drifting

Second single from 'Killervision'.

Shapeshifter - Dna

A 5 track EP, with a mix of pounding dnb assaults and more chilled, Bukem styled beats.

The Shocking Pinks - 'dance The Dance Electric'

The Shocking Pinks are a Christchurch based group who have their new album out on Valentines Day on Pinacolada Records.

Salmonella Dub - Dancehall Girl

The lead single from 'One Drop East', featuring remixes by DJ Mu and Jagwah (Tiki Taane's nom de mix).

Dub Asylum - She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not

Full length follow up to the 'Dub Never Sleeps' EP. Features contributions from Bobbylon (Hallelujah Picassos and a certain guest spot on 3 The Hard Way's 'Hip Hop Holiday'), Nick Atkinson (Supergroove, the Roughness), Sandy Mill (SJD, Spacesuit), John Pain (Hallelujah Picassos, Pains People) and Tom Ludvigson (Trip to the Moon, Alloy).

Various - Deep Needs Drum And Bass

The statement of intent from Christchurch's Fabel crew.

Dj Genetik - Presents "engineered" Nz House Breaks And Bits

Mixed Cd :: Freash cuts from NZs top HOUSE and BREAKS PRODUCERS a mean slice of the NZ electronic

Datax & Bymski - Chinese Japanese / War in Gangland

Check out : Chinese Japanese / War in Gangland