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Kemistry and Storm - the dynamic duo

The two fantastic ladies of the beats and the breaks bringing their own special delivery right to our very own front door.

Kemistry and Storm took auckland and sunk it deeper than its ever been. they were super smooth with that addiction to bass that sinks every foundation .

Its something you come to expect these days.

Its *always* new, and improved.... especially from these two. Their work together as a team gels to perfection. A huge crate of fresh vinyl and all of it unleashed on Aucklands ( + welli and chch ) jungle populous.

As expected, technically they were both tight and right on it in the mix. Flawless. Some excessive bass that even 3 inch foam couldn't hold back made for some trying conditions but as always they came out on top. They make what you do look regular.

Tune selection was down right deep, dirty and smooth. Maybe its a female thing but i found em alot deeper and oh so super smooth in comparison to previous international visits.Crowd response was turmoil bringing rewinds from here to christmas. Well earned too. Too toooo bad.

Every single one of these internationals bring over a certain flavour all their own. Kemestry and storm did just that and so much more. They are impressive to hear and even watch and have the biggest smiles to boot. Super.

Indeed they're fantastic and hold high respect from all. I hope the austrailian tour goes down as well as NZ's. ( Big ups Rumble - Adelaide ).

Cant go past the local support. Aaron, riddler, presha and sonic all on point bringing the business. ( nice closing set geoff. ) with MC Green bringing the rukkus and pots having a play with the microphone too...................

"...rewind!!!.... ..... rewind geoff!!!..... GEOFF!!!! .. REWIND!!!.............."

mucho respecto to the doctor of love RRRopie and that dj Presha for another super session.


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