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Kemi and Storm at Metro

Tired and damaged, but it's all good. nice to see Welli getting down with a different flava with ex-Metro looking decidely busy. Sean was first up with Pora playing back to back with Presha towards the end of the set, this was followed by 50hz, Mu then Kemi and Storm. the night rounded up with a set from Dion then Presha back on the decks for a back to back then solo routine.

Sean laid down his usual choons with the odd fav (the Code springs to mind - simple and stoopid and great fun). Presha continued with this general theme mixing bass driven tech. going from the aforementioned boysd to 50hz was a bit jumbled with his more downbeat 'experimental' style leaving the crowd a bit unsure how to respond (generally anticipate tempos going up not down, particularly with Kemi and Storm being the headliners). Mu played his 'best of jungle selections' selected from the last year, but i took some time out before venturing in for Kemi and Storm so can't really judge.

enjoyed Kemi and Storm. they didn't play with my mind in quite the same way that Fierce and Nico did (although Terry's presence helped in the latter) but at times they developed some amazing momentum on a sound system that was set to destroy (remaining pretty crystal clear though). found the pauses as they switched turns a bit disconcerting with people clapping after each set. my only qualm was they didn't play Alien Grrl the one track i was hanging out to hear (tech step monster with bass to fry your intestines).

Dion played one of the most enjoyable sets i've heard from him in a while. his approach has traditionally been relentless and take no prisoners, but this time he seemed to take the smooth with the ruff. Presha came on last and played some bass driven tech with the odd 'monster' choon. played a new Krust tune toward the end that's still to be released which was good, almost orchestrally constructed (in terms of structures rather than sounds). nice way to end with lights going up to a nearly empty Metro (it being Thursday night after all).

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