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Formations review

Went along briefly to Mouse. nice to be in a new space. caught a the start of Danny's set. nice system in a small space is a recipe for fun/trouble. gathered that Paul B played a blistering tech house set later on in the evening - unfortunately/fortunately i was down the road.

rolled along to Formations with some mixed expectations. guess i'm so used to dnb events being all ages, that it 'astonishes' me (it's sometimes to be proved wrong) when an R20 gig happens and packs the people in. anyway was a bit mashed up by the time i got there all ready for a jump around.

found that you went in the side entrance (Lava Lounge/ex ESC) which was a nice change, but the dim lighting wasn't quite as welcoming as coming through the front. what was done with the internal entrance was pretty cool, forcing you to go around the corner rather looking straight on in to the dance floor.

as for the actual dance floor, not much changed, just a big open space which was pretty full of people by the time i arrived (1am). they'd reinforced the house system with some extra subs giving it more than enough low end bass response - although not as clear as Quinn's system as heard right around town most weekends.

the 4 deck thing seemed a bit of a laugh given that no more than one person seemed to be on the decks for any period of time. oh well, still made for a wicked time. enjoyed the four turntabilists who did play, didn't catch Overwash vs Megalon and was a bit too hazy to give a clear account of James or Dion. it was cool to here Pora and Dale rallying up the 'troops' and calling for the rewind.

a couple of friends voiced some misgivings about some of the 'funkier/fruitier' numbers that Pots started out with (exact words were 'jazzy drum'n'bass... its total fucking kak. Bollocks double-bass lines with heinous horn stabs?') , bringing down the momentum temporarily, but he soon had it backed to where it left off. Sean followed, laying down his usual rolling tech flavas.

nice night, and from what i gather it could be the first installment of something bigger.

also checked out Jumpin Jack Frost's show over the weekend, worth a look especially if your into the 'Bristol boyz' - he's one of the co-founders of V Recordings along with Bryan G and would probably give a half decent insight as to what you might here Bryan play when he visits the country (show plays 11-1 Saturday afternoon NZ time). for those more into their progressive dnb check out Bukem whose on this week from 9-11am Thursday NZ time. URL is