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Drum N Bass arrangements 22 August 1998
The Lava Lounge 9 Edward St Wellington

Hello everybody, this is just a message to let you know that U-entity productions (formally known as Table Manners) are now on-line at and that our next party is on Saturday 22nd August at the old ESC, known now as The Lava Lounge.  

Formations will be a Drum 'n' Bass party, the follow up to the Combinations held in May of  this year, where some of the finest will once again go head to head four wheels o' steel.  

The line-up this time are selectors consisting of all forms of the modern genre that is the drum and the bass.Bringing it to the floor will be...  

Grasshopper- Warm up selections.  Overwash vs Megalon (Live)- Dub n Bass. Conspiracy vs Ruffstep (BOOM!)- Breakbeat on the dark edge. Sean vs. Pots (KABOOM!) (Subtronix- AK)- Tek step and beyond.  

With MC D.P.S and P.Geist providing crosswired freestyling throughout.     The breaks and bass are expected to roll from 10pm to 5:30am.  

Grind productions once again provide visual stimuli- and lets get it straight. These guys are the best this town has to offer!   Look out for the striking orange posters and flyers due out this week on a billboard near you. We would like to tell you more but that would be cheating.  

Information can be obtained by doing exactly what we are; fiddling with keyboards and giving us a nice E on   Tickets from Flipside or Tandys for $10/$8 (Active 89FM SubCards)    

Stay tuned to Active 89FM and keep your ear to the pavement. Peace.  

Carl             025 246 7681 Stephen       025 53 63 98