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  • where / Hamilton
  • what / Producer
  • likes / Drum and Bass, Dub, Electro
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"I think I'm more influenced by other things around me" Says New Zealander Jae Lurman when questioned about what inspirational force is at work behind his musical project playfully named watermeron. "I don't regularly go to clubs. I'm not a DJ and neither are any of my friends" So what drives him to create music from such a diverse sprinkling of genres? "It's more a spontaneous thing" he says "Like I might be driving home at night and a wicked Salmonella Dub track comes over the radio. It will then influence me to have a play around and see whatever comes out naturally the following day".


In late 2003 Jae traveled to South Korea where he taught English for a year. The free time and cultural inspirations lead him to collect and create 10 tracks together for his self-released ( via online at http://www.download.com/music and on CDR ) debut album PLAYTIME. Ranging from abstract hip-hop, drum 'n' bass, dub, minimal house, ambient and other areas, perhaps the only consistency in the album is the song titles. "Many of the song titles are game names, like jigsaw, hangman, dominoes, mahjong and so on. It kind of ties them all together I guess. Returning to New Zealand in late 2004, Jae hopes to continue this watermeron project. Many of watermeron's tracks display an almost child-like playfulness in their execution and style "I don't take it too seriously, but I would like to take it further and explore my boundaries - but if it ever stops being fun then I'll just put it on hold".