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warpTV - unity

warpTV: the longest sitting-down VJ team in New Zealand (we were going to put "longest running" but neither of us run unless you chase us).

Washing instructions:
Take brain out for night. Rinse. Repeat.

The TV has been warped since the late 90's, and now we've got a huge variety of Video samples, 3D animation and Motion Graphics to mix with. Being closet geeks-by-day means we have been able to download a vast library of loops and samples from around the world. Luckily when darkness falls we throw off the thick glasses and pocket-protectors to let loose our mutations from the studio.

Tim Ether & Martin Assid: We are two munters who felt a deep need to legitimize the amount of time we were spending in dark clubs. So now we beam video signals from the video mix to video screens around dance floors across New Zealand and feel a lot better about spending a lot of time in dark clubs.

Sorry, some of the guys we've worked with have got whack names.

We did a gig with this guy Sasha (airdrawndagger tour), that's a girl's name right? Nick Warren (Global underground 024 tour)...didn't get his surname. Anthony Pappa, not sure if he was mob connected, and Ether's been doing the live mix at Salmonella Dub's live gigs , nuff said, really? Just as well we've got normal names.

Sasha enjoyed the show so much he took the recorded mix for the remainder of his Australasian tour! It's probably quite lonely touring in Oz... quite nice to chuck the vid on, remember good times and have a wee cry. Not that he cries. Just coz he's got a girl's name doesn't mean...

Salmonella Dub's put a 45-minute LIVE mix on their "Outside the Dubplates" DVD. Which was great coz we couldn't really remember that one.

::::: Expect Visual Dysfunction :::::

Want to know more? Have some Questions? Want fries with that? To book warpTV for your event, ring this number...0274790147 or use this email address...info@warptv.co.nz or attach a note to your pigeon, or loft a brick through the window... "Oi, geek!" works too.