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  • where / Queenstown
  • what / Tech, Producer
  • likes / Techno, Minimal, House, Glitch, Experimental, Dub
at the .3rd 07/08
at the .3rd 07/08

at the .3rd 07/08

Through his career of Dj'ing & Promoting alongside working as a Sound & Lighting Technician Turnstyle has travelled deep inside New Zealand Dance culture.

Doing things like: 10c beers and Greg Churchill at the Worcester Bar, promoting some of NZ's earliest Drum & Bass events (circa 1994), Dj'ing morning sets at Destination events (circa 1996), hi-jacking Grant Smithies record creates, Co-coordinating the Gathering House tent for 5 years, running lighting & sound for Basements Jaxx's first visit to NZ (circa 1998), kicking around Eudeamony dance floors, being a Friday resident at Buff in Queenstown (circa 2002) to launching New Zealand's first Pod casting site Psurkit.net in 2004.

His musical journey has always been eclectic; messing around right on the folding edge of what is dance music. As music presenter his style continues to be experimental. An observer and interpreter of different Dj mix styles, genres and techniques. Turnstyle works on the border of possibilities, straddling current knowledge with edgy theory, past history with unknown futures.

Sonically influenced by Christchurch Hardcore, Dunedin Trance, Nelson Goa, Wellington Techno and Deep House, Queenstown hip hop & breaks. Turnstyle's own sound is driven by the remnants of dance music after trends and trappings have been eliminated. Currently the sounds is minimal glitch techno beat up with hip house, low fi dub and other lost genres of electronica.

Unfamiliar and strange grooves lurk around the mix, blending's of vivid retro elements and nostalgic vibes. You become trapped inside a meltdown mix of drop scratches, live rewinds, beat doubles, teasing samples and smatterings of MC behaviour. Tempo, melody and structure are explored in rapid fire.

Almost like a session with your hypno therapist, repressed memories from different dance floors are extracted and exploited and then discarded.

While some would consider this as an unholy display of Dj'ing, Turnstyle firmly claims not to be a Dj. Clearly wanting to disconnect from the stereotypical roles of a Dj, his music presentation is a reflection of a wide ranging participation or over immersion in Dj and dance floor cultures.

Still somehow the sound remains strangely familiar and comforting with a distinct 4am party direction. Casually slipping from the dream like states of the late night hours to the pulsing & lucid ecstasy of sonic immersion, or retuning to clean grooves, steady rhythms and head nods. Always shifting, perhaps a touch uncomfortable, always surprising but completly personal and honest.

Dub to disco, techno to house, future to past, Turnstyle is an experience for those who have spent their time on the dance floor and want to be in the unknown again, or at the mercy of their curiosity.

Turnstyle is sonic time warp, an old school head that is still deep in the liquid of electronic reality.

Support slots: Epsilon Blue, Carl Craig, Monolake, DJ Skurge, Gudrun Gut

Current Project: KILL!CLUB

aka ' Myriad Industries, My My Sound System, KILL! CLUB, the .3rd Resistance, Stray Moves, Occasionals, Box Banter & misda nil