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Me Small

Production is getting out of hand.
I can't stop.
The under tow has got me in a death grip.
So I went to buy some Gennies and got the price wrong. I thought it was $600 for the pair, but it was just for one... I felt like a dork.
So I am grinding away making this kind of rock electronica thing which is poppie but not tooo sellable. I don't wanna be a middle class household name. It's going really well.
uh what else. Well I hope to get something out very soon. I really have quit my job, it sucked, money was good though.
At the moment I am trying out basic stuff like layering my sound, like notching the fuzzy bass and them sliding some sub keys underneath. It seems to be working out, well at least on my mp3 player and my old heaphones... Still waiting for a call from Protel.
So I am calling my new thing "the idle sea" after a painting that I found in the hallway, it's a real oil painting of the ocean, but the funny thing is the horizon is slanted. Heh. Funny that. But the execution of the painting is very good. it's like a masterpeice.
Album name is "mental health day" after walking out of work yesterday.
I just broke down inside, I kept on walking, to stop the bits inside from spilling out. Work sucks. Work to live? no way.
I have posted up a demo of "Apogee", which is a work in progress. It is however my testbed for my sound and I am getting it sorted out. A few more days and a spin in a mastering suit and it's all done.