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S-ence is the club guise of EXP (Eden Xperimental Productions). Established in 1996 as a concept clubnite in the basement bar of Tatou, S-ence presented it's first international on it's maiden voyage when Freddie Fresh played the Cybotron Lounge.

As a producton crew, one of S-ence's fundamental objectives was to present unique dance party environments. In doing so S-ence used many of Wellington's established venues as well as going to great lengths to create concept events in one-off spaces. 'Enter the Dragon' at the BC Dynasty Court in 1997 is but one example.

Through the years S-ence has presenting some the worlds leadings DJs. From the Godfathers of Techno (Derek May, Juan Atkins & Kevin Saunderson) to Stacey Pullen, Dave Angel, Eric Powell, Mike Grant, Common Factor & Recloose, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Christian Smith & Biz E.

S-ence continues to keeps the techno fires burning with a number of underground clubnites. The Black Room is an invite only event for the friends of S-ence, which after many an awesome nights in the Watkins Basement will be finding a new home shortly. S-ence has also established a new bi-monthly club night at Sandwiches called Transit.

S-ence tours later this year include Steve Bicknel from Lost in the UK and the return of Kevin Saunderson.

For more information email: s-ence@paradise.net.nz