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Ruffneck Souljah Recordings - Hip-Hop Reggae Influenced Jungle/Drum and Bass Aotearoa Style

Street Release Record Label / Promotions / Clothing Line / SoundSystem: Daddy Taktik(CHCH) Souljah Sensi(WGTN) Lioness Angela(MBN) Big Poppa T(WGTN)

Ruffneck Souljah Recordings is the New Zealand take on ragga jungle...

In existance since 2002, it's artists have played shows across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America.

Ruffneck Souljah

In that time the collective has dropped 4 street release CD's and signed 6 tracks to American and Canadian Labels for Vinyl release.

Always comming correct with the fiya, the crew delivers a mixture of reggae / hip-hop and jungle with live vocals from artists such as Lioness, Big Poppa, Mighty Asterix, Jules Issa, Ras Stone and more...

April 2005 saw a sellout tour of Melbourne and Sydney with the full crew playing to 400-500 heads a show...

Big Tings A Gwarn (as they say in J.A)

Look out for more New Zealand and Australian shows, vinyl releases, clothing and cd's.....