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The Roots Foundation

"Music is the healing force of the universe. Sometimes, our very soul is in need of medication. Reggae is the thing that joins everything together. Reggae is the common factor ".

The Roots Foundation Sound System are Aotearoas' longest running DJ collective. In true "yard" style, they follow the concept of Jamaican sound systems who traverse the land bringing music to the people. Roots, reality & culture booming loud & lovely to move the body, stimulate the mind & liberate the spirit. The Roots Foundation are four wellington DJs who joined forces in 1992, running legendary sessions at venues across town & across NZ, playing the very best in dance music: classic roots reggae, DUB, dancehall, house, techno and drum & bass.

The Roots collective of Mu, Lemon, Koa & Goosebump prides itself on delivering cutting edge beats; exclusive dubplates, hard to find reggae rarities, roots music of the highest order; dedicated to presenting phenomenal late night "dex & fx" sessions, where sound truly becomes environment. All killer, no filler ! From its origins in ska, through rocksteady, roots, dancehall & dub; reggae is a sound that is constantly evolving, being reinvented and redefined for a new generation. Todays dance music has its origins in the Jamaican reggae sound systems of the 70's; people like King Tubby used to remix songs especially for the sound systems of the day. King Tubbys sound and studio was well ahead of its time, using filters, echo and reverb on his dubs. During the Seventies, popular Jamaican producers would leave their master tapes at his studio to remix hit songs in the DUB style. Legendary Jamaican engineers like King Tubby, Lee "Scratch" Perry, & Scientist find themselves the focus of much attention in recent times, more so than during the creative peaks of their careers over twenty years ago.

Roots Foundation - A Decade of Dub

Drum and Bass / Jungle, Hip Hop / Trip Hop, House & Techno all have their styles rooted in DUB reggae and indeed, the whole remix ethos was invented in Jamaica. The Roots Foundation embrace the work of these mixing-board magicians, the original masters of the bass and drum mix, and strive to explore the revelations of the mystic power of DUB, through their own extensive dex & fx mix of contemporary beats and classic reggae cuts.

Roots Foundation Sound System : true bass culture for all music lovers (since 1992)

contact & liaison: John Pell @ Basstech (021) 491 835