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  • where / Auckland
  • what / DJ, Producer
  • likes / Drum and Bass, Dub, Electro, Funk, Jazz
Romantech @ Snapshot Jun 4 06

Hi I'm Matt, I write heaps of beats and DJ out as Romantech. Building on a foundation of smooth Drum'n Bass with Downbeat, Breakbeats and Electro, I'm all about deep and funky vibes whether at home or on the dancefloor. Also I'm involved with lunatic multimedia raconteurs Reality Compound.

Here's some of the best places to find out more about me, download free tunes and full length DJ Mixes!


Decks and the City MXCD03

Often you'll find me at home writing beats or drumming up a storm on the internet, I'm very proud of the fact that tens of thousands of people have downloaded and enjoyed my music. Also I love doing shit with my colour copier, promoting local music. I get around the country and play out a fair bit with my mate Darcy AKA Emu, while there's always something in the works with my partner in crime DJ Control - on top of our weekly Soul Science smooth drum'n bass nights every Thursday @ Foci Bar in Beresford Square.

Down and Out MXCD02

Doing the Data:bass and Mental Illness projects, I managed twelve local cd-r releases of local drum'n bass and electronic music in less than three years. Nobody really took much notice, but it was a nice idea. I've always been a firm believer in underground networks and in this spirit have put together my latest offering and first official CD release "Oceanic Chill" featuring 23 artists on the downbeat tip.

A big highlight for me would have been being chased off stage by security while dressed as Skeletor our anti-P mascot during the data:bass set at Resolution 04. The crowd went nuts and I've always known being a great DJ isn't just about having great tunes and great skills, it's about giving a great performance and creating the vibe that makes people wanna rave out hard.

I'm working on an album of solely my own material of course, I got tonnes of songs, I just want it to be decent!

On nationwide tour in July + October '06 with Emu and Reality Compound.