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Cut my teatth working for The Gathering. Spent most of my time in Chch which is a hole to some and a flat thing to others.

Control Lighting using Martin LJ and fav light is Mac500, they is way cool.

Robotics is crazy. RS485 serial ports, Dmx addr and stepper motors. Man this could get very weird in the future.

I'm growing a beard at the mo, havent shaved since Visionz, yeah I did the lighting there, 2003/2004, fuck it was a BLAST.

Picked a german guy at visionz and dragged him back to Chch, he's helping me out at destination, he's got a hardon for lighting which commands respect. Yeah.


I broke up with my Gfriend and am currently lonely, am open to offers but if u don't know what three phase is then don't bother. Man I am knocking them dead...

I have a whole buch of photos of pivotal peeps involved in south island dance party scene and no where to park 'em. yikes, could be funny. check out http://www.martin.dk I post things on the LJ forum from time to time.

Getting ready to rock the party at Destination 2004. check out my fixture plot I drew on MS paint, it's cute!

Hey phone me, I like to work hard :) 0212947500 (03) 3796530

Why's is si kong so fluffy?

Big heelo to Rosie , Murry, Sol, Trictesta, Hamish "I'm working for peter jackson" Bruce, wendy!, Geof, big dave, Penny, Tim owens, Raylene beals,

Psi swain, Mike " yes i have big balls" A, Mike "numerologically speaking" M,

Grant "Rage noise audio" ellis OR Bob as I like to call him these days... and a fuck load of good people out there who I have pissed off in some way shape or form. and sands and chris sedgley and Rhian and and and... Mike Smith ETS, Litesite, Hang up etc etc