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1st Warehouse 2am

Rinsed was founded in August 2003 by Anthony Rohan & Brien Steward, who where disgusted by both the lack of quality productions & Hardcore in the scene, as well as to get rid the notion that all Hardcore is happy & cheesy.

Since then Rinsed has done 17 parties & worked/helped at many more, taking over: Clubs, Warehouses, Tents & even the odd Gun Turret.

Trancefur sunday morning

Rinsed has also occasionally brought over International Hardcore DJs - such as: Brisk, Weaver, Dair, Unknown & Luna-C.

We at Rinsed believe in Large scale quality events that don't hurt the pocket & try to work with those who share our love of the music.

We are also very lucky to have such an experienced & talented team of residents - they are:

Adrenaline (Nathan Cook)
Orphic (Mathew Rowe)
Firefly (Anthony Rohan)
Circus (Dave Matheson)
Flek-C (Cameron Findley)

Check out http://www.rinsed.co.nz for more info or email us at: info at rinsed.co.nz