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ReFuel is a campus based bar at Otago University run as a joint venture between the University and the Students Assn.

The bar has a 24hr licence.

The official capacity is 442 Space-wise it is made up of 2 rooms; the bar area, and the venue area which are roughly equal in size.

The bar is set out lounge style and the venue is a 15m x 7.5m room with a stage of about 3.7m x 4.5m in it.

In addition to this we have a private room for performers and a full PA

Some of the acts who have played in 2002 are:

D4, Betchadupa, Trinity Roots, Black Seeds, Shapeshifter, Concord Dawn, King Kapisi, Steriogram, Pluto, Nomad, O.G., Cause for Concern(UK), Roots Foundation, DLT, Cuffy, Clowndog, Zuvuya, Brubeck, Kitsch, Sola, Monday, Chills, Atomizer (Aust), Paradigm + loads of locals


ReFuel Bar.

Underground, University of Otago
640 Cumberland St, PO box 1436, Dunedin, NZ.
Cell: 64-21-440-160 Office: 64-3-479-3875
Bar: 64-3-479-5309 Fax: 64-3-479-5346

Email: scott.muir@stonebow.otago.ac.nz