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If you have ever danced on a floor in Wellington or at the Gathering House tent .. chances are that you have danced under Reflex lighting.

Three people with different senses combine 'transformer style' to create Reflex.

Originating from with in the Wellington Fringe festival '98 .. Reflex formed as the name states, a natural reaction to a situation.

Members .. Blink, Spawn and 'glint have learned to appreciate and harness the power of light through working together.

In the early days Reflex was the engine behind the lighting concepts for Discotek, Grind, Bass Nation and nearly every other underground event between 98 & 01 in Wellington.

Reflex was also the synergy behind the House Tent lighting concepts until the Gatherings timely end in 2001.

Spawn is currently a resident technician in WGT and Blink resides as lighting operative in a similar area. 'glint is extending his production knowledge in other areas.

Reflex remains at the helm of dance lighting in NZ, expressing a subtle influence. With affiliations to the south based illuminati the relationship continues with NZ dance culture most unique lighting experiences.


The Reflex process is to adapt rapidly to any situation, using three heads to solve one problem, fast. Grown from a culture of 'make do with what you have' Reflex style is flexible, unconventional and rock solid.

Working in synchronous, Reflex has always had the ability to apply three individual strengths to one concept, building lighting shows that continue to be dynamic and unique.

Reflex is still fresh and their passion for lighting is still chasing that edge of wickedness. Watch out!

Reflex Lighting Intelligence