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Making the Bass work!

Redline is a collective of Drum n Bass DJ's and Producers in New Zealand.
Established in April 2001 Redline forged ahead with its Drum n Bass events by pushing the boundaries and creating events that differ from most regular drum n bass events.

" ..the purpose initially was just to run Drum n bass events in different venues from what was being offered at the time" director Caron Stace recalls "however things just blew up and we now have a very dedicated fan base."

It is not uncommon for Redlines events to sellout with such memorable events as "Reload" Old school jungle night with Christchurch guests Jungle Jim and Dreadford from shapeshifter "Raw Fusion" feat. DJ Raw Scratch DJ showing his skills with a Drum n bass back drop.

"Rumble In the Jungle" being New Zealand's first ever Drum n Bass mixing competition and of course "Spikey Tee" the discovery of UK's reggae MC and Drum n bass DJ packed in to one very entertaining night.

As well as running events Redline is graced with much talent. DJ's such as Basix, Flex and Theupbeats that regular Wellington's underground scene are also up and coming producers with some Fresh and innovative material to boot.

This year Redline stays focussed on getting its local material exposed and building a network between our DJ's and Producers in New Zealand with established UK artists.