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Recloose in NY

In the spring of 1997, Matt Chicoine, aka Recloose, made first contact with techno pioneer and Planet E label head by way of a carefully placed sandwich containing Recloose's demo tape. Craig bit.

Since this fateful meeting, Recloose has grown into one of Detroit's hottest young producers, having completed three soulful, at times experimental, and always ambitious releases for Planet E Communications. "So This Is the Dining Room," "Spelunking," and "Can't Take It/Absence of One" illustrate Recloose's variety of approaches, techniques, and influences, everything from Detroit techno and house, to dub reggae, jazz, hip hop, and soul/funk. These groundbreaking releases have firmly cemented Recloose into the next wave of the Detroit musical tradition.

As a DJ, Recloose has been playing with records since 1994, the year he transplanted his love of music from eight years of saxophone and jazz study into the art of mixing, cutting, and dicing vinyl. Through his local radio show in Ann Arbor, Recloose quickly became known around town as "the guy doing that crazy shit," inviting guest musicians, poets, MCs, and producers all to get in on the mix of the highly improvisatory radio stew.

Since these early beginnings, Recloose has been invited to play worldwide, both as a solo act, and as a turntablist for both Innerzone Orchestra (Carl Craig's electro fusion outfit) and the more esoteric Uri Caine Ensemble (known for leftfield interpretations of Mahler and Bach). Of the gigs with Innerzone, Recloose says "They really quenched a thirst that I'd had for a long time, namely getting back to playing live in an group." His ear for jazz, experimentation, and improv scratching made Recloose a perfect addition to Innerzone's all star cast of players (including former Sun Ra drummer Francisco Mora, and acclaimed NYC keyboardist Craig Taborn).

2000/2001 has been a busy time for Recloose. In addition to touring and a slew of remix work (Les Gammas, Herbert, Jaymz Nylon, Dan Curtin, CrueL Grand Orchestra, Loqate and others...), Recloose recently unleashed Jigsaw Music via Belgian imprint Eskimo. This mix CD is blowing up both ears and rears (compilation of the month Jockey Slut; 5 stars 7 magazine), enticing listeners with its unethical mixture of modern dancefloor flavours. He's currently deep in the home vaults putting the finishing touches on his much awaited debut LP for Planet E (Fall 2001). Be on the lookout..........