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  • where / London
  • what / Producer, DJ, Artist
  • likes / Rock, Progressive, Noise, Metal, Hip Hop, Funk, Experimental, Dub, Drum and Bass, Breaks
beautiful music

Psyrok is an electronic producer originally from New Zealand and now based in London. His debut self-titled EP is out now on Psylince Records. Psyrok plays live around London, including the famous kiwi-focused 'Spacific' nights.

Producing strange and beautiful music for beautiful and strange people... He is selling and pimping a product.

Visit the website at http://www.psyrok.co.uk

"Take an adventure holiday for your ears" Unpeeled.co.uk

"Sounds like it was made by the illegitimate child of Bjork and Tom Waits" Garageband.com

"Psyrok is an artist worth biting into" Single of the day.com