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Unique Attitude

Originally a dance party, once was a mailing list, the Psurkit identity has evolved into New Zealand's first podcast site.

The original party was in 1996, and the mailing list went a bit rouge towards the end of 2004. So we are proud to have the newest project well underway almost a decade later.

With unique attitude in the world of podcasting Psurkit.net is an open channel for the New Zealand music community. There are regular uploads from Loop Recordings and Empathy Records worth exploring, so we reccomend subscribing and you will never miss an episode.


You can also catch a little action from Obscure's own on Speakeasy, and discover audio worlds you never knew existed.

If you are interested in being on Psurkit.net get in touch through the site.

Podcasting via Psurkit.net is the cutting edge method of getting your music heard. With the audience controling they way they listen to Psurkit, expect your sound to be listened to on demand not rotate.

With an established reputation and history in the New Zealand dance scene Psurkit.net is pushing out the bandwidth to a global audience. Technologically intergrated, expect Psurkit.net to keep you connected with forward thinking music people in New Zealand.

Psurkit.net is brought to you by the team at Obscure, so expect the same sturdy reliablity and standards of New Zealands longest running on-line dance community.