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  • where / Wellington
  • what / Producer
  • likes / Trance, Techno, Rock, Experimental, Electro, Drum and Bass, Breaks
Plab and hat

That guy in midnight who sits at the counter with the lappie and phones drinking coffe that hits you like slide hammer in the gut.

Yeah, well thats me.

I am quite fine doing my own thing, sometime soon I will get some music up and you can cast your votes then. For now I am happy with the tab and free power from man at the cafe. Cheers.

I'm looking for some coproducers to mash some shit together with but thats another story...

I got to tell you though, I started out making pc based music on a dx33 80486 using FT2... blah blah blah ... got a p11 300MHz thinkpad laptop win98 and relevant aps. I am stoked, it's grouse,it never quits. I am not sure I can be f++ked with a "better" machine. XP looks like a dog etc

My mate has just turned up waving excelleraaants....

Love you all, if I got some peeps in my corner I dont want for nothing else. Mate.