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Pitch Black

Hard to pigeonhole into a single musical genre, Pitch Black is a combination of musical journeys. Their sound is distinctive, ranging from organic ambient beginnings and layered soundscapes to skanking keyboards, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub being the glue that holds their sound together.

Their debut album Futureproof, released in September 1998, rose to the top of the NZ electronic charts despite no marketing or advertising. "It was the result of twelve months of musical and technological development, honing and refining the process of modern dub techniques, distilling songs developed during live gigs and refining them into finished tracks for release" according to Paddy Free.

Their second album Electronomicon was released in August 2000, and followed by a sell out 30 date tour of New Zealand and Australia. It reaffirmed their position as the trailblazers in the flourishing New Zealand electronic scene.

Last year they released a limited edition 12" in the UK through Kog Transmissions, which featured three of their tracks edited and remixed to be more suitable for the dancefloor, which Jockey Slut described as sounding "like a robotic Thievery Corporation"! It has been played by DJs such as Greg from Dreadzone and John Peel.

Pitch Black also spent several months during 2001 touring Europe extensively to play gigs and festivals in Holland, France and the UK, and will do the same over this year's Northern Hemisphere summer, with confirmed gigs including the prestigious Big Chill festival in June.