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Watch out for Paradigm

Mark and Damian have been writing together for just on a year and have had two tracks released on the 'Moniker' compilation released by Tardus Music late last year. Live performances have included the Clockwork Parties in Auckland with New Zealand's leading drum and bass Producers Concord Dawn, Dreadford from Shapeshifter and DJ Pots from Bulletproof.

Mark and Damian write the tunes using Computer based software applications as well as jamming out live to get a basic feel to the direction. We utilize a drum kit, Rhodes piano's, bass guitars and an assortment of synths, record it, then go back take out the bits we like and go from there.

With the release of their debut album 'process' there will be an accompanying tour to promote the album throughout NZ w / Concord Dawn taking in Hamilton (Catalyst) - August 10th , Auckland (Wyndham Bowling Club) - 16th, Wellington (Studio 9) - 17th. Christchurch (Hybrid) - 23rd, Dunedin (Re:fuel) - 24th.

Paradigm's debut full-length album 'Process' will be released by Tardus Music on the 21st of August, distributed thru Kog/Universal.

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