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  • where / Wellington
  • what / Producer
  • likes / Progressive, Minimal, Jungle, House, Experimental, Drum and Bass, Breaks
Live at the ACR // 19.03.05

Panoramica is the pseudonym of Dan Smith, a Wellington-based electronic musician who combines clever sampling, minimal breakbeats and creamy undertones with lashings of bass to create lush, downbeat electronica "for your listening pleasure".

Live at While_you_were_Sleeping 5 // 02.11.03

A devoted electronic music follower since the late 80's, Dan has always connected with the the emotion generated by machines and synthesisers, preferring this to the vocal-led pop culture preferred by just about everyone else he's ever met.


Dan's all-time favourite genres are House, Breaks (drum'n'bass, hip-hop etc) and Ambient but he has respect for other genres and believes that music is right up there with love, acceptance, and an open mind, as one of the most important ingredients in a happy existence, especially during these tumultuous times.

Visit http://www.panoramica.co.nz for downloads and more info.