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Original Fever magazine is New Zealand's connection to the international ragga-jungle community. Currently monthly, it features interviews with producers and DJ's national and international, record reviews, song lyrics, dope photographs, graf art and interesting and informative articles and weblinks.

Over the next few issues and emphasis will be placed on the nu-school US/Canadian ragga-jungle turntablism sound, although we'll always keep informing you on the latest news from the UK scene as well as developments in little old NZ.

Currently 'Original Fever' is available in Wellington from 'The Family', 'Subculture', 'Midnight Espresso' and Fidels, but looks let to soon be distributing in Auckland and Christchurch as well as overseas.

A record label is in the works, to promote underground NZ and international producers, and we are currently making links worldwide to enhance the scenes profile as we move deeper and deeper into the new Milleninum.

For more details, or to subscribe, please contact us at originalfever@hotmail.com