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  • where / Wellington
  • what / DJ, Producer
  • likes / Breaks, Drum and Bass, Dub, Minimal, Progressive, Psy Trance, Reggae, Trance
GROUCH's Debut Album

Grouch is a project that began in 2005, following four years of musical experimentation by New Zealand producer Oscar Allison.

Dedicated to developing and evolving as a percussionist, these natural rhythms lay a strong foundation for Grouch's original sound. In 2004, after being signed to Cosmic Conspiracy Records, Oscar found inspiration in this form of psychedelic music.

As he became more involved in the New Zealand trance scene, his music evolved to an original, organic blend of psy dub, breaks and progressive trance. Always pushing towards his goal to create a perfect blend of analogue and digital music, Oscar turns to his friends and other session musicians to record live instruments and vocals over his digital productions.

His debut album, "the Moof is Rooving", released in 2007 by newly created A-list Records, is an introduction to these goals and ideas. Grouch has also completed several psychedelic dance tracks which have been greatly received and acclaimed on the New Zealand dance floors.

Grouch is a music project that evolves and changes over time, always original and dedicated to exploring different genres.

He is already considered one of the the leading and most promising producers in the
New Zealand psy scene.