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Noise Enthusiast is a collective of individuals with an appreciation for a specific style of Drum and Bass. All equally dedicated to the representing this sound for Wellington, and New Zealand Drum and Bass.

Their style of Drum and Bass is the hardest end of the spectrum.

"Drum and Bass as a genre of dance-music is at the cutting edge of technological innovation and it's continuing diversification ensures longevity". This statement is true in terms of Drum and Bass as a wider genre and certainly in terms of Wellington's thriving scene. But it is not self sustaining. It requires individuals that are passionate about the music and culture to support that diversity in order for the scene to evolve.

To a large extent this is what Noise Enthusiast represents. The need for someone to step up and actively promote raw, heavy Drum and Bass styles in the nation's Capital.

The collective originated on Bassdrop.co.nz, New Zealand's largest Drum and Bass forum.

In 2005, Aidan Forrest, Raymond Shaw & Sjef Van Gaalen, the originating members of the collective , launched Descend. The Descend & Noise Enthusiast brands are increasingly, widely recognized and rapidly becoming established as one at the fore-front of Wellington Drum and Bass. A scene, and culture that they are committed to, and dedicated to encouraging progression by supporting diversity within it.



November 2005: Subnine WGTN NZ: Descend feat. OUTRAGE [UK , Metalheadz | L Plates | Inneractive | Fuze]

March 2006: Subnine WGTN NZ: Descend 06 presenting NANOTEK

June 2006: San Francisco Bath House WGTN NZ: Descend feat. Technical Itch [UK - Tech Itch | Penetration | Moving Shadow | Tech Freak]

December 2006: Subnine WGTN NZ: Descend feat. LIMEWAX [NL , Tech Freak | Tech Itch | Freak | Obscene | Penetration] & NANOTEK [EMPATHY | FUTURE SICKNESS | INTRANSIGENT DIGITAL]